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Rampage: Fantic debut in the light e-mtb light segment

Rampage: the FANTIC debut in the light e-mtb light segment

Presented in Riva del Garda, the new Fantic e-mtb debuts in the light e-mtb segment

Riva del Garda - Preferring long distances and extreme speeds to unleash a load of pure adrenaline on cross country routes embodying the essence of its name: Rampagethe first e-mtb by Fantic in the light e-mtb segment.

Dedicated to riders who seek fun over long distances while conserving energy and favouring the feel of a muscle bike, the Fantic Rampage enters the light e-mtb segment with an aggressive, high-performance rig bent on going up and over the horizon to discover what lies beyond, fueled by the natural fun released by the power of your legs.

The innovative Rampage, designed with a focus on lightness by Fantic's R&D department, boasts a full carbon frame weighing just 15,5kg in its high-end version. Its seamlessly integrated battery makes it easy to forget its presence. Enhanced weight efficiency is achieved through a unique suspension system that bends the rear triangle, eliminating the need for two additional joints. The Fantic Flip Chip patent, initially developed for the XTF 1.6 carbon, enables two rear wheel positions, resulting in two distinct geometries while maintaining a short rear length. This design ensures a responsive ride with both 2.2'' and 2.4'' tires.

The Fantic Racing carbon integrated handlebar, developed by the Fantic team, comes as standard on the top-of-the-range versions. Additionally, the 1.2 Factory is currently one of only a few e-bikes on the market that include the Crankbrothers carbon telescopic seatpost.

Designed by TQ, the motor and battery Power Unit is specifically dedicated to the light e-mtb segment with a 50 Nm HPR50 motor to guarantee the feel of a muscular bike. Extremely silent and light, the removable, 360Wh battery integrated in the frame is rechargeable via the same frame charging port used to connect the range extender.

The central display on the top tube indicates the autonomy, battery level, watts supplied by the motor and cyclist's power, as well as the current speed, while the remote control on the handlebar allows the rider to set 3 assistance levels which can be customised within the app: maximum power (maximum engine watts), assistance percentage (engine response to the rider's thrust) and pedal response (the delivery boost, immediate or accompanying pedalling).

New for this year, Fantic presents 2 versions for the XC (Cross Country), the 1.2 Factory and 1.2 Race - and 3 versions for the DC (Down Country), the1.4 Factory, 1.4 Race and 1.4 Sport. All are available in two colour options: black with iridescent graphics or red with titanium-coloured graphics.

The geometries of the 1.2 XC offer maximum pedaling efficiency and a racing stance, with a head tube angle ready to tackle the most technical descents and 120mm travel, while the 1.4 DC version, with wider tyres and longer rear, has greater grip and stability on descents thanks to its 140mm travel. The DC is the bike more devoted to downhill fun than its XC sister, which is more devoted to pedaling efficiency.

Completed by a RockShox set-up with fork, shock absorber and control with remote lockout on the handlebar for the 1.2 Race, with the Ultimate version for the Factory. The 1.4 instead features a Suntour package composed of 3 models with manual controls and increased air volume compared to the 1.2.


In the high-end models even the wheels and cranks are carbon. The new Sram XX rear derailleur mounted on the XC 1.2 Factory deserves special attention: super light and resistant, hangerless, practical and without the need for any adjustments. A wireless, electronic rear derailleur with AXS drive that offers smooth shifting even under load, powered directly by the bike's main battery, eliminating the need for an additional, independent battery.


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