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Stoic Tom Guyon at the Fantic Racing team's debut on MX2 GP of Argentina

World MX2 debut for the Fantic Racing MX Team. A crash on Saturday in the qualifying race compromises the weekend of Tom Guyon, who decides to race despite not being in the perfect physical condition and wins 12 valuable points.


Villa La Angostura, March 12th, 2023


It's on! The Motocross Circus crosses the ocean for the first race of the season.

The Fantic Racing MX in Patagonia is on the outstanding track of Villa La Angostura with Tom GuyonHakon Osterhagen remains in the pits after his injury suffered at the end of last year.

The big news for the 2023 season comes from qualifying: the Saturday race also carries championship points, with 10 for first down to 1 for tenth.

The Argentine GP marks Tom Guyon's debut on his Fantic XXF 250 and Fantic Racing's debut in the MX2 world championship.

The Frenchman, in qualifying, set an excellent 11th time. On Saturday in the qualifying race, however, the music is very different: at the lowering of the gate, Tom starts well, but at the second corner, an opponent throws him to the ground. This differed from the flight expected from the Fantic Racing team's nr 27 during the Argentine weekend. Indeed, he hits his shoulder on the ground so hard that he cannot resume the race. 

Gritting his teeth and showing a lion's courage, even with the green light from the doctors, Tom decides to run the two races anyway, knowing that the starting position does not favor him at all.

So, unconcerned about this situation, the start of the first race is excellent, and he manages to regain a few positions right away. The shoulder lap after lap warns Guyon that his physical state is not idyllic, so the race becomes shrewd because the important thing is to bring it home, so in the end, comes 16th place. 

Race 2 unfolds similarly: with an excellent start, the French boy recovers several positions, and the race's continuation sees Tom close behind the best MX2 protagonists. With a sore shoulder that did not allow him to push as he knew, the hunt for the Fantic standard bearer continued until he passed under the checkered flag in 14th place.

In the end, a stoic Tom Guyon gritting his teeth managed to bring home 15th place overall and 12 essential points for the 2023 MX2 World Championship.

The next appointment for Team Fantic Racing MX is on the weekend of March 25-26, with the first of the two Italian stages, in Riola Sardo, Sardinia, where the women's world championship and the European 250 championship will also start.

Marco Maddii, Fantic Racing MX team manager: "It was a tough weekend, in qualifying Tom got a big bump in his shoulder after a fall, but luckily there was nothing broken, and after the doctors' approval, he still wanted to take part in the two races. He was a lion, showed character, did his best in his condition, and brought home 12 points.

This is a good sign, given what he did despite not being 100%. Therefore, we are confident about the following races. When we return to Italy, we will do all the medical tests to assess the situation and prepare best for the Italian stage Riola Sardo."

Tom Guyon: "Unfortunately, on Saturday during the qualifying, an opponent touched me, and I felt violent, hitting my shoulder on the ground. Despite the pain, I still tried to race, doing my best. As a result, I managed to get some good points. I'm sorry for the team because it was not the result I wanted, but if I'm in good shape, I can improve greatly!"


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