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Great podium for Max Werner in the EMX125 French GP

On the circuit of Villars Sous Ecot, great performance by the Fantic Racing MX rider, who closed third overall. Escandell was the protagonist of an aggressive comeback in the second manche. Lynn Valk got sixth overall in the WMX. Another physical problem for the unlucky Guyon.


Villars Sous Ecot, May 21st, 2023


The Motocross World Championship returned to France at the track of Villars Sous Ecot, which has not hosted a race since 2015, despite being a historic track featured by many long step-ups and downs and a very hard pack ground. The track welcomed the races of the MX2, EMX125 and the Women’s World Championship. 


In the EMX125 qualifying, Elias Escandell, who recently won the Spanish Championship in the first group, struggled to find the right feeling with the French track. He could not set a better time than the 12th. In group 2, Max Werner and Niccolò Mannini set two amazing results: Max had the third fastest time and Niccolò the fourth.     

With a phenomenal start in race1, Werner reached the second position after the first corner, again showing his fast race pace with his Fantic XX 125. The German rider was close to the first two and finished third without making any mistakes. Great start for Mannini as well, who reached the top ten but slipped and lost ground, finishing with 20th place. Elias Escandell started from a difficult position and finished 13th.

In race 2, Max Werner was the author of a thrilling start taking the hole shot and the lead, leaving rivals behind after the first corner. The young German kept the position for the first two laps before dropping to the third position. With a solid and clean race, Werner finished the moto with the third position and rounded off the podium. A great result for the Fantic Racing MX rider: his third consecutive podium in the 125 European Championship allowed him to finish third overall.

Behind him, at the foot of the podium, came his team-mate Elias Escandell, author of a strong comeback. Especially in the final laps, the newly crowned Spanish champion overtook one rival after another, finishing fourth. 

In the EMX125 classification, Maximilian Werner is now third, followed in fourth place by Elias Escandell.


The Women’s Motocross World Championship experienced a fantastic season, as confirmed by the complete starting grid of the French GP. After the practice, Lynn Valk set the seventh fastest time despite a discreet feeling with the track.

At the start of race 1, she was wise and studied her rivals’ strategies before trying to overtake them. The layout of the French track did not encourage overtaking, but Lynn reached the fifth position and kept it till the end of the heat when a rival overtook her, and she finished sixth place.

The second heat was not easy for her. A tough start affected her performance; she was tenth after the first lap. It took Lynn a while before she could find the right race pace, but after that, she made up ground and finished sixth, the same position overall.


Tom Guyon is facing an unlucky season. During the RAM Qualifying Race, the rider sprained his knee and must undergo medical treatment to determine the situation.


Marco Maddii: “It was a tough weekend for us, but at least Werner reached the podium, so we’re happy about it. Max was amazing and is third in the Championship standings. Escandell wasn’t a great fit and did his best to reach a solid result. Lynn Valk was the protagonist of two good heats but could have achieved more. I’m sorry Tom Guyon got injured; we must understand what it is about and figure out the recovery process. Now it’s time to prepare for the next races”.


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