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A bike that comes from the Fantic Factory Team Maddii experience dominates the national and international championships and won the Internazionali d'Italia 2021 with Nicholas Lapucci

The experience gained with the official teams in top-level competitions now arrives in production motorcycles. The endless emotions of a two-stroke, the great lightness, the adrenaline and the explosive power of the 2-stroke are now perfectly manageable and available to everyone.

Adrenaline and explosive power of the two-stroke

As promised, Fantic Racing improves the heart of the XX250 with a piston born from the Maddii Factory team development that dominates the championships. With the exhaust system and the Fantic double mapping control unit, the XX250 becomes even more powerful and explosive when needed, but the excellent cycling makes it easy to handle and manage. An extremely powerful, but balanced, weapon.

2-stroke for everyone!

XX250 is equipped with a handlebar switch for mapping selection that allows you to customize the engine specs and choose between two different maps. Map 1" is the full-power one, "Map 2" reduces the power, delays the ignition time and is suitable for the most treacherous terrain, offering a bike with an always ready and more manageable response, without giving up the adrenaline of the maximum power.

Phenomenal chassis

The XX250's extraordinary power is also made manageable by the most competitive chassis of its class. It features a precise aluminium semi-double-cradle frame. Reactivity, high rigidity and unmatched lightness. The Kayaba suspension system, which has been for years a reference point in the off-road field, does not need an introduction. SSS (Speed-Sensitive System) 48mm fork, 300mm of travel and fully adjustable associated with a Kayaba rear shock absorber, with 315mm of wheel travel. The braking department is by Nissin, both the front and the rear callipers have excellent power and mouldability, with a floating 270mm disc on the front and 240mm on the rear. The equipment is completed with 21x1.60 - 19x2.15 rims on which are mounted 80/100-21 - 110/90-19 Pirelli tires.

Top ergonomics

The seat-pedestal-handlebar group is identified by the optimum comfort conferred to the rider. The ergonomics and the riding position have been studied by the Fantic Racing Department, introducing a very slim tank, front bearings and side panels that avoid hindrances and a seat that allows freedom regarding riding and driving position. The central part of the bike, characterized by a slimline, offers maximum control and stability when riding fast. The reduced centre section allows the rider great freedom of movement and control in corners, jumps and whoops. The 28mm handlebar is made of aluminium. 

Datos técnicos
Tipo de motor: 2 tiempos, Monocilíndrico, Refrigerado por líquido, Válvula de láminas con YPVS
Cilindrada: 249 cc
Carburador: Keihin ø38
Diámetro: 66.4 mm
Carrera: 72.0 mm
Relacion de compresion: 8.9 ~ 10.6: 1
Sistema de encendido: CDI
Sistema de arranque: Patada
Sistema de lubricación: Premix
Cambio: 5 marchas
Embrague: Multidisco en baño de aceite
Chassis: Cuna semidoble
Ángulo de avance del pivote: 27.7°
Avance del pivote: 122 mm
Sub chasis posterior: de aluminio
Basculante: de aluminio de section variable con sistema de bieletas progresivas
Llantas: 21x1.60 – 19x2.15
Neumatico: 80/100x21 - 110/90x19
Frenos: Disco hidráulico ø270mm - Disco hidráulico ø240mm
Suspension delantera: KYB ø48 mm, regulable, recorrido 300 mm
Sospension trasera: KYB, , regulable, recorrido 315 mm
Largo: 2185 mm
Ancho: 825 mm
Altura: 1290 mm
Altura de sillin: 970 mm
Distancia entre ejes: 1485 mm
Peso (en orden de marcha): 105 kg
Capacidad de deposito: 9.0 l
Cantidad aceite motor: 0.8 l

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