XEF 310


There are unending novelties in Fantic's enduro panorama. The XEF310 makes its debut, a 4T model which is positioned in an intermediate position between 250 and 450 and boasts a perfect balance between the best characteristics of these models. In fact, the extreme agility, user-friendliness and consequent fun driving of the 250 4T is guaranteed, but with a power output and powerful torque that is close to its bigger 450 sibling. Many hours were dedicated to the pursuit of the best balance between performance and user-friendliness even for amateurs.

This translated into a compression ratio (12.8), not too high, but much more suitable for the large 360 enduro. Lots of torque in the low range, with a full and enjoyable power delivery at all revs without losing power in the highs and without the sometimes excessive nastiness and explosiveness of many 450s.

The character of the engine can also be customized by choosing one of the 3 dedicated maps (hard/soft/standard), which can be selected directly with the new map switches on the handlebars that also govern the traction control on 9 levels.

Like its 250 and 450 siblings, boasts a cycling division that is unrivalled on the enduro scene. Moulded, extruded and die-cast components join forces to guarantee the ideal balance of lightness and rigidity, agility and precision. High quality suspension should guarantee ultra-precise handling, using every millimetre of the stroke to filter the terrain and keep only what the rider needs. This is why we chose KYB and a 48 mm pressurised closed-cartridge SSS (Speed Sensitive System) fork, with 300 mm of travel and super-adjustable for preload, extension and compression. The mono shock absorber is also Kayaba, with 315mm wheel travel.

WIFI COM is also standard, thus creating a complete electronic package to custom-fit the bike. In addition, with the dedicated WiGET app, it's like having several bikes in one. With a simple click from your smartphone, the bike's ECU adjusts to one of the mapping setups developed by Fantic Racing, or you can create your own engine setup, for any terrain and weather conditions. It's also possible to read the bike's meter, add service notes, get diagnostics and view engine data in real-time.

Type de moteur: Monocylindre 4 temps, Refroidi par liquide, 4 Soupapes DOHC
Cylindrée: 304 cc
Admission: Injection
Alésage: 85.0 mm
Course: 53.6 mm
Taux de compression: 12.8 :1
Allumage: TCI
démarrer: électrique
Lubrification: Carter humide
Transmission: Six vitesses
Embrayage: À bain d'huile, Multidisque
Homologation: Euro5
Emission de CO2: 83 g/km

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Angle de chasse: 27.2°
Chasse: 116 mm
Cadre AR: Aluminium
Bras oscillant: Aluminium, avec section variable et transmission progressive
Jantes: 21x1.60 – 18x2.15
Pneus: 90/90x21 - 140/90x18
Freins: disque hydraulique ø270mm - disque hydraulique ø245mm
Suspension avant: KYB ø48 mm, entièrement réglable, débattement 310 mm
Suspension arrière: KYB, entièrement réglable, débattement 317 mm

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Longueur hors tout: 2175 mm
Largeur hors tout: 825 mm
Hauteur hors tout: 1270 mm
Hauteur de la selle: 955 mm
Empattement: 1480 mm
Poids (sans essence - avec liquides): 106 kg
Capacité du réservoir d'essence: 7.9 l
Quantità olio motore: 0.95 l

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