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Fantic and the KRONPLATZ Bike Area for an all bike summer and fall 2022.


FANTIC and the KRONPLATZ Bike Area have created a new partnership for 2022 with the goal of supporting the organization of the bike park and contributing to the management of the trails and then to safe and fun use.

Fantic has offroad in its DNA while respecting the ecologically, and its E-MTBs represent performance, innovation fun and safety.  The range includes all types of tours, from the front version to the full version for Trail with a carbon frame to the most pushed version for DH.

Passion for the area, for biking and for innovation gave birth to this synergy that led the park's track builders to use Fantic E-MTBs to maintain and organize the bike park.

A technical and trustworthy choice to guarantee all riders maximum fun and safety when riding these beautiful tracks dedicated to mountain biking.

In addition, our Blondiebike Ambassador visited the bike park, riding her Fantic, telling in a video (click here to watch it) about the beautiful tracks fit for all types of riders, from beginners to the most experienced and adrenaline-filled.

Go Fantic!



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