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Fantic launches 2 new revolutionary projects in rallies' world

With the launch of Fantic Rally Xperience and Fantic Rally Raid, the company aims to make rally experiences accessible at a national and international level, both for amateurs and professionals in the off-road world. The first project is dedicated to those who dream of participating in a rally with a Fantic motorbike, while the second consists of a complete package to compete in the major rallies of the World Rally Raid.


Fantic Rally Xperience: make your dream of participating in a rally with Fantic come true!

Fantic Rally Xperience offers a unique opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts, even amateurs, to approach the world of rallies on the Italian scene. Fantic is making six XEF Rally 450 motorcycles with the iconic Dakar 2024 livery available to participate in non-competitive rally events in Italy. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, your dream of living a real rider experience can come true with Fantic.

What the Fantic Rally Xperience package includes:

  • Motorbike rental
  • Support from our dedicated team
  • Mechanical assistance
  • Access to the race paddock in a reserved Fantic area
  • Gift kit and delivery of the motorbike directly to the race paddock


The events you can participate in with the XEF Rally 450 are:

Sterrare è umano - 26/28 April 2024

Mille Sassi - 24/26 May 2024

Hat Pavia Sanremo - 12/14 July 2024

Hat Sanremo Sestriere - 6/8 September 2024

Transitalia - 22/27 September 2024

With Fantic Rally Xperience, all you will have to do is put your helmet on and get on the saddle for an unforgettable plug&play experience!


Fantic Rally Raid: take part in the 2024 Rallye du Maroc and the 2025 Dakar with Fantic!

After the success of its official participation in the Dakar Rally from 2022 to 2024, Fantic opens its doors to riders eager to face the challenges of the great rallies of the World Rally Raid. With the Fantic Rally Raid project, the Italian manufacturer offers riders the opportunity to compete with motorbikes in full racing configuration, prepared directly by the Fantic Racing department, in two prestigious and international events such as Rallye du Maroc and Dakar.

What the Rally Raid package includes:

  • Complete technical assistance package with 5 dedicated technicians
  • Spare parts truck
  • Reserved area and hospitality
  • Physiotherapy service to make the most of the rally experience

Owners of the XEF Rally 450 will also be able to join the Fantic Rally Raid program; furthermore, by participating in both events of the international championship, the best of the riders who join this new Fantic project will have the opportunity to compete in the 2026 Dakar as part of the official team of the Italian brand.

Fantic Rally Raid will make you experience a true 360° rally adventure, with the support and assistance needed to reach your maximum potential.

Whether you are a rally enthusiast who wants to live an unforgettable experience in Italy or an ambitious rider ready to challenge the big international rallies, Fantic offers the perfect opportunity for you.

For further information on the Fantic Rally Xperience and Fantic Rally Raid, do not hesitate to contact Fantic directly at the dedicated email address Rallyraid@fanticmotor.it


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