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Fantic presents the new My25 Mx and Enduro range

Fantic launches one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges on the global off-road scene.
Here is the MY25 with as many as 9 models in the range, including 4 MXs and 5 Enduros.
A revolution for the XXF250 with a new engine and chassis, several evolutions and developments also on all other Cross and Enduro models.

Santa Maria di Sala (Venice), 23 May 2024

FANTIC MY25 – Fantic keeps going strong. The Italian company's strong commitment to designing new models continues unabated, with a 2025 range that has never been so extensive and, above all, never had such high-performance levels. Constant improvement and attention to detail are the first features you notice on the race events, which is where the development stage starts at Fantic. 32 national and international titles in just four years of racing speak volumes and Fantic’s official teams are once again excelling in the current season. The sporting commitment has now reached top levels with 3 MX Factory Teams competing in the world MXGP, MX2 classes, as well as in the European MX125 and MX250 classes, with 8 official riders. In the Enduro world, there are 2 Factory Teams with 7 riders competing in the EnduroGP and Junior world classes.

At last, here is the new MY25, due to be on the market in late summer. Fantic’s FACTORYFEELING is perfectly represented in this new range, ensuring every rider the quality of a Factory bike straight from our racing department.

The 2T XX125 and XX250 models of Fantic's 2025 MX range have been completely redesigned, with an all-new front end, new tanks and new ergonomics. Their performance too has been revolutionised, with new radiators that significantly increase the cooling capacity.

The XXF250 has been entirely revamped, with a new chassis and a new engine for which Fantic, with its wonderful know-how,  has designed 3 effective engine maps, a new e-package and an ultra-high-performance exhaust with a titanium tailpipe. The XXF450 model has evolved with a new e-package, a standard hydraulic clutch and a new front end.

In the Enduro world, instead, the XE125 raises the bar once again thanks to the carryover of the highly successful XE300 on the ergonomic component and the completely revamped front end. Moreover, as with its 125 MX sibling, once again performance has evolved brilliantly thanks to new radiators. Compared to the 2024 range, the 2025 range has the great XE300 and XEF310, still fresh from their launches at the beginning of this season and which are aligned with the current MY with new graphics, a new mudguard and mask. Completing the Enduro range is the XEF450, on which a great deal of work has been done on the electronics with new engine maps to make the most of the extraordinary power of this mighty 450cc model.

The 2025 livery for which the two MX and Enduro ranges stand out features an exclusive two-tone chrome red shade combined with the Fantic Racing logo prominently displayed on the radiator covers.




RED PLATE – the queen of the EMX125 championship gets a complete makeover to stay at the top. With two titles in four years and the top two positions in the current season, the XX125 has undergone a major upgrade thanks to Fantic Racing's experience and the technology of its previous siblings.

Perfect ergonomics – the entire front end is now slimmer and more refined, with new radiator covers and tank. Although the latter is larger, it is 300 grams lighter, which is testament to the enormous effort and attention to detail of Fantic’s R&D Department.

Lastly, there is a new mudguard and the mask has an integrated wiring gland/grommet.

Top performance – for the MY25, efforts were focused on ensuring consistent performance throughout the race thanks to a new radiator system with a 35% higher cooling capacity compared to the previous generation.

Consistent performance is also ensured by new wiring with watertight relays.

Never change a winning team – The XX125 has retained the whole AluFrame chassis package with a Kayaba suspension and Fantic technology: The CDI control unit, developed directly by Fantic’s racing department, ensures perfect combustion at any speed by electronically managing ignition advance and two engine maps you can select on the handlebar.


ULTRA-POWERFUL AND WINNING – right after winning the best 2T continental title, after winning the EMX2T 2023 title, XX250 made another leap forward.

The larger of the 2T range has all the new features of the XX125, but adds an endless dose of adrenalin thanks to the mighty 250 engine that is increasingly closer to the racing world.

The beating heart of the XX250 is the piston that benefits from the development of Fantic’s Racing MX, thanks to its experience on tracks around the world. With Fantic’s exhaust system and dual-mapped control unit, the XX250 is now even more powerful and mightier when it needs to be, though the outstanding chassis makes it easy to handle and manage. Extremely powerful and yet well-balanced. First-class precision and responsiveness thanks to the ultra-light aluminium frame, allowing all riders to give their best in all riding conditions.


The new XXF250 is ready to impress. It was not easy to further improve an ultra high-performance motorbike, but Fantic's R&D department met the challenge. The new engine has a truly distinctive solution on the market: the inverted cylinder head, for a direct, short and efficient frontal intake line. Mass centralisation is thus maximised to the benefit of agility and manoeuvrability. The new exhaust with titanium tailpipe ensures linear delivery, great torque and a super boost at high speed.

There are three maps, all customisable via the WiGET app and a new e-package with a handlebar-mounted map selector. It has never been easier to interact with the control unit developed by Fantic Racing to create your ideal engine setup according to the type of terrain and weather conditions. This is all monitored through the screen of your smartphone.

Traction and Launch Control come as standard, and everything is always under control thanks to the new handlebar-mounted multi-switch to change the mapping and traction level with just a click.

The XXF 250's chassis package is brand new. It has a redesigned aluminium chassis that is lighter and more agile.

The new Kayaba suspension features an SSS (Speed Sensitive System) fork that can now be adjusted without tools thanks to a butterfly system on the stem head.

The ergonomics have also been developed in symbiosis with the Factory Team, with ad-hoc, slim, unobtrusive and perfectly shaped plastic parts providing top comfort and riding freedom.


A motorbike with unlimited power and a bold approach, though without forgoing versatility, agility and control. The traction and torque of this 450cc model is balanced by great vehicle control and handling to fully exploit its great qualities. The control unit is the new ST39 from Athena-GET developed by Fantic’s Racing Department: a racing control unit fitted on a production bike. A new multi-switch is available on the handlebar to select the ideal mapping. Fantic features 3 different settings: Standard, Hard and Soft, which can also be customised according to one's needs.

Thoroughbred engine – The recipe for fun is the right amount of cavalry, though this is powerful where needed and always manageable to make the most of it. The deep sound coming out of the exhaust was created in partnership with Arrow. Standard on the MY25 is the hydraulic clutch with Brembo handlebar control.

Racing chassis – The chassis features are derived from the racing experience of Fantic’s Racing Team. As in the case of its sibling XXF250, the new Kayaba suspension with tool-free adjustable SSS fork have been introduced. A slim middle section allows for better control of the XXF450 for maximum comfort. The plastics make it easier to move around on the saddle and immediately ensure a good feeling with the bike. The manifolds and side panels are functional and ergonomic, allowing for freedom of movement and control of the vehicle in any situation. The tank has a capacity of 6.2 litres. The mudguard and hand guards come as standard.

Top-of-the-line technology – On the Fantic XXF450 everything feels under control with the Traction Control, Launch Control and WiGET app that come as standard, for a unique bike adjusted to your taste.





The winning 125cc Enduro bike from Fantic has been redesigned. This is a model that has always been at the top of its class, winner of three consecutive Youth Enduro World Championships (2021, 2022 and 2023).

Racing engine – The excellent performance has been further enhanced by a new cooling system with new radiators that increase the heat extraction capacity by 35%. This makes all the difference on low-speed single tracks that put the engine to the test, especially in summer temperatures. Its character is accentuated thanks to the exhaust, developed in partnership with Arrow, and the Fantic control unit, whose performance has been further optimised.

Winning chassis – One of the bike's fortes remains its outstanding ultra-lightweight aluminium frame with great rigidity levels. Its structure guarantees precision and responsiveness, with the help of a Kayaba suspension.

Ergonomics – The XE125 raises the bar again with the carryover of the highly successful XE300 on the ergonomics component. The manifolds, mudguard and headlight mask are new. The 9-litre fuel tank is all new for an even slimmer silhouette and specially designed sides to seamlessly glide and move on the bike. Great functionality in terms of maintenance is instead guaranteed thanks to direct access to the air filter.


The new XE300 2T powered by the new mighty Minarelli Euro5, with EFi and electric start has already begun to shine in the E3 class with Albin Norrbin, after the extraordinary success in Junior2 last year, again with the young Swedish rider.

A motorbike devoted to uncompromising performance thanks to the 300cc engine with the highest performance on the market. The first engine in Fantic's Racing range has been developed, tested and manufactured in Italy by Motori Minarelli. A compact, technological and extremely high-performing engine, which guarantees great power, though with a regular and full torque curve at all speeds.

The Italian-made engine combines top performance with state-of-the-art technology in the Enduro world:

Indirect dual injector injection, electronic exhaust valve, electric starter and hydraulic clutch make up a package suited to any rider on any track. 

The chassis package is top class. A distinguishing feature among the other 3002T competitors is also the great aluminium semi-double cradle frame, which ensures the best possible stiffness/lightness ratio. Like the other siblings in the enduro range, it confirms the Kayaba suspension with a 48mm SSS fork, which has long been a benchmark in the offroad world. It is thus an extremely agile motorbike, with unrivalled manoeuvrability qualities in its category.

The explosive power of the 2-stroke is also best handled by the first-rate electronics: first and foremost, the 10-level traction control, perfect for dealing with different conditions, and a dual mapping switch on the handlebar.

Great functionality is also guaranteed in terms of maintenance with direct access to the air filter.

The ergonomics designed by the Fantic test team features minimal overall dimensions and maximum mass centralisation. The oil and petrol tanks are integrated, the manifolds are narrow and ergonomic.

Lastly, the handlebar positions of switches and buttons are refined and carefully designed, allowing for great functionality in confined spaces. The configuration LEDs, multilevel Traction control setting, and double map switch are positioned on the left, with only the classic kill switch on the right.


Here is the Fantic model with the highest numbers of titles in 2023. It dominated the Junior World Championship with Jed Etchells and the women's class with Jane Daniels (though it won 11 XEF250 titles in three years). This is the bike that has contributed most to Fantic Racing's extraordinary season, winning five classes in the World Championship, with over 50 victories in total in one year.

The 2025 version features updated engine mappings, a new suspension setting, a new headlight and mudguard, which together with the new livery renews the style of our most successful motorbike.


THE PERFECT BALANCE. After a great debut at the beginning of the year, XEF310 confirms the perfect balance of the best features of the 250-450 range. Indeed, the extreme agility, user-friendliness and consequent fun riding of the 250 4T are guaranteed, but with a power output and powerful torque that is close to its 450 sibling. A number of hours were devoted to the pursuit of the best balance between performance and user-friendliness even for amateurs.

These unique features are at the service of Axel Semb (currently red table, leading J2 and Absolute Junior) and Jed Etchells (E2).

The engine has a dedicated compression ratio (12.8) that is not too high, but much more suitable for any enduro scenario. The propulsion can also be customised by choosing one of three dedicated mappings (hard/soft/standard), which can be selected directly with new switches. The handlebar maps are also in charge of traction control on 9 levels. The WIFICOM also comes as standard and contributes to a complete electronic package to tailor the bike around you. Like its 250 and 450 siblings, it has an aluminium perimeter frame and Kayaba SSS suspension with dedicated setting, 270mm brake discs on the front end and 245mm on the rear.


The mighty Fantic XEF450 perfectly represents Factory Feeling, thanks to the balance of power and control, and the handling of the 55hp 4-stroke engine.

Powerful engine – The 450cc from Fantic not only offers exuberance but has a structure that guarantees agility and manoeuvrability qualities that enduro riders will admire. The Arrow exhaust not only looks good, it also unleashes all the power and a deep, exciting sound of the 4-stroke engine.

Streamlined chassis – The XEF 450 is powerful, though thanks to its streamlined designed it has class-leading handling properties, enhanced by the fully adjustable Kayaba suspension, to adapt to various riding abilities, from a trip on Sunday to winning a Six Days.

Customisable technology – The two maps developed by Fantic Racing can be controlled from the WiGET app. With just a few clicks on their smartphone, every enduro rider can customise their Fantic XEF450 according to their preferences and needs.

The 2025 version has been improved with a map update, suspension setting, a new headlight and mudguard.


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