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Fantic presents the new 2022 ENDURO and MOTOCROSS range

The NEW RACING ERA is also four-stroke!

The FANTIC RACING range has been expanded, both in motocross and enduro, with the introduction of new models and new displacements: the 250cc 2 and 4-stroke and 450cc 4-stroke.

Extraordinary rideability, agility, technology, perfect balance, power and top performance are the essential features that make the new FANTIC RACING range the reference in its category.





7 July 2021


Starting today it will be possible to experience Fantic Racing emotions, choosing between the model and displacement that best meets your expectations in off-road riding. Ready to make their debut on the Motocross market, are the 4-stroke XXF 250 and XXF 450, which join the XX 250 and XX 125 two-strokes. On the Enduro front, the first of its kind is the four-stroke XE.


Four Fantic models are dedicated to Motocross; XX and XXF, with 2 stroke and 4 strokes engines:

·         Fantic XX 125 2T

·         Fantic XX 250 2T

·         Fantic XXF 250 4T

·         Fantic XXF 450 4T


Three core models make the XE Enduro range, with 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines:

·         Fantic XE 125 2T

·         Fantic XEF 250 4T

·         Fantic XEF 450 4T


FANTIC “NEWRACINGERA” - Fantic wants to rewrite the concept of off-road. Through a constant effort to develop the best racing bike ever, without making any compromises, Fantic puts all the competences of the Racing Dept and of the Factory Teams, winning on the racetracks, at the service of the young talents and champions of tomorrow.

Fantic transfers to its production models, available at official Fantic dealers, solutions and equipment that before now were characterised only in Factory bikes: here is the FANTIC FACTORYFEELING. The Fantic range has been racing since birth, with motorcycles designed to win, in every situation and in every race, able to guarantee every rider the quality of a Factory bike, thanks to the continuous transfer of knowledge between racing and production. 

The aim? Only one goal: offering high performance motorbikes with excellence in all departments. A perfect balance, an idyllic mix of power, agility, manoeuvrability, and reliability capable of offering riding emotions and top performance in every category; a choral symphony that works at all levels.  It begins with ambition, that drives through the design phase, to the realisation of components developed by Fantic's research and development department, in collaboration with leading companies and technical partners, for delivery of an excellent motorcycle.


NEW2STROKEERA - The experience gained with the official factory teams in top level competition and the continuous developments of the Fantic Racing Department led by Jan Witteveen are now available in production bikes, also in the new 250 2-stroke engine size, which now joins the already victorious 125 in Enduro and Motocross. The infinite emotion of the two-stroke - and its intrinsic lightness, simplicity, and explosiveness - is now available to all enthusiasts thanks to thee adrenaline-filled models, two MX (XX 125, XX 250) and one Enduro (XE 125).


NEW4STROKEERA - From here on the Enduro and MX range become greatly enlarged, thus meeting the needs of every type of rider. The NEWRACINGERA is now also four-stroke thanks to four new bikes in the range. They are thoroughbreds born from the unquestionable Yamaha quality and reliability as far as engines and frames are concerned, now obviously optimised by Fantic, to make the experience even more racing and even more unique. Specifically, for the XXF 250 we have worked on the power unit with the aim of maximising the performance of the Japanese twin cam. On the more exuberant XXF 450, on the other hand, the Fantic racing department intervened to make the bike even more balanced in all conditions of use.

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