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Fantic strengthens its management structure

Mariano Roman, newly appointed ANCMA President, assumes the position of Vice President at Fantic while continuing his leadership in the areas of product, R&D and Racing.

Paolo Fontana was appointed as the new CEO of the Fantic Motor Group.


S. Maria di Sala (Italy) – 23th April 2024

In a meeting held on Thursday, 4th of April, Fantic’s Board of Directors appointed Mariano Roman as Vice President of the Venetian company and unanimously elected Paolo Fontana as the new CEO of the Fantic Motor Group.

Vice President Mariano Roman, who was elected President of ANCMA on the 19th of February 2024, will continue to coordinate strategic areas such as product research and development and will maintain the leadership of Fantic’s Racing Department alongside his new position, continuing his remarkable management path within the Italian company.

Paolo Fontana, previously appointed as Fantic’s General Manager in January 2024, takes on the role of Chief Executive Officer at the Fantic Motor S.p.A Group which also controls the brands of Motori Minarelli and Bottecchia.

Mariano Roman: “To be appointed President of ANCMA was a recognition for the work done throughout my career, and not least of the exciting milestones achieved together with Fantic. The increasing load of responsibilities and activities related to the three-year development plan required more support. This was fulfilled through the collaboration with Paolo Fontana, who has already proven to be a team player by interpreting the true spirit of the company as General Manager, and fully deserves the trust of the shareholders and the Board of Directors.”

Paolo Fontana: “It is an honour for me to take on this role and I am thankful for the trust that the Board and the members are placing in me. I also want to thank Mariano Roman for the constant support he has given me in these months. I started my career in the world of motorbikes which has always been my great passion, alongside mountain biking. To come back to it now, thanks to this prestigious position at Fantic, makes me proud and motivates me even further. Our goal is to ensure that the entire group can express its huge potential and, for my part, I am fully committed to it.”


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