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Jane Daniels: Reminiscing about Dakar, getting ready for the biggest adventure

It has been busy weeks both on and off track with lots of racing and the Dakar 2025 presentation. Time to take a look back and get a little life update by our Fantic Brand Ambassador Jane Daniels in her latest blog post talking all things from the EnduroGP in Romania to her personal desert experience.

“The Dakar 2025 presentations have been on and it has been great to see my bike on display at these events and even receive photos of it from friends that are there. When I think back to Dakar, I smile about my experience. I had such a great two weeks racing this event. The experience isn't something that you can fully describe as there is so much that happens each day, it is really hard to keep track over the time you are there. Even though I had my big crash on the 48-hour stage and towed my teammate Jeremy [Miroir] back to the paddock in Stage 8, these things made my Dakar far more interesting and added to the whole experience. Neither is a good thing to happen, but they are also stories to tell and what makes everyone's individual experience different,” Jane recalls her desert adventures which also earned her the “spirit of Dakar” award highlighting her outstanding commitment and attitude. 

“I am really proud of my team, my team mates, and myself, we gave it our all in the training, the preparations and throughout the whole race and made memories to last a lifetime and I am sure we will all talk about Dakar 2024 for many years to come. As for another go at Dakar for me, I will never say never, but after the birth of our first child, I will have to see how everything goes and how I feel about it when there is a little human being relying on me.”

“As for now, I am keeping well in myself, trying to remain as active as possible without over doing it too. I am nearly half way through my pregnancy which is definitely going quick. I do need to start to arrange things in the house, like making up a nursery room and buying all the small things like bottles, blankets and those kinds of accessories as I haven’t bought anything yet. I have received some very cute pieces from family and friends, but I definitely need to start to get more organised for when the new arrival comes.”

A new perspective on racing 

“The 3rd round of the EnduroGP Calendar was held in Romania a few weeks back. I was a bit sad to see that the ladies weren't in attendance, only because I was there in 2013 and it was a really great course set out by the club, with very natural and traditional enduro style tests which were great fun to race! Watching closely from home and speaking to some friends, this round was no different as the course set out, everyone looked to enjoy.”

The four-times Women’s Enduro World Champion follows her teammates’ season closely. “The Fantic family had a really great weekend, posting strong and consistent results throughout the classes. Albin Norrbin secured a 3rd place in E3 on day one and narrowly missed out on another podium on day two. Jed Etchells improved over the weekend in a very strong E2 class, scoring 5th and 4th. Axel Semb had a difficult weekend after a big crash on the 1st day, but he fought hard both days for a pair of 2nd places in J2, these are great points for his championship as he maintains the lead going into the Italian GP in two weeks’ time. Kevin Cristino had a great weekend in J1, proving to be the man to beat with over a 30-second lead from his nearest rival on both days. Pietro Scardina continues to impress on the 125 machine as he raced to a well-deserved 3rd and 2nd place in the Youth category.”

“At home the UK races are a little bit different for me,” Jane adds. “The morning routine is still the same, where I prepare breakfast and make sure we have the correct food packed at service for the day, but I travel in between the check points and special tests on my Fantic E-bike rather than on the track. I am enjoying being at the races though, I have a lot of friends there and it is great to catch up with them and their families, as a lot of the time you don't get to chat much on race days. I still walk the special tests before the races because it is nice to see what I could be riding, and the dogs enjoy the walk being out in the wild! I take my role as mechanic, chef and follow rider very seriously though, as I pedal around with my rucksack looking for lines, having goggles, gloves and snacks ready at the ready, for every point I can meet Albert at on the track.”

“I will be attending the Adventure Bike Ride Festival this year which I am really excited about. Usually I can't attend, due to there being a clash of events, but I will be there to talk about my rally adventures and answer any questions people may have for me at the show.”

Don’t miss the chance to meet the Fantic Brand Ambassador and only woman to finish the 2024 Dakar at Ragley Hall Estate, Warwickshire, from June 28-30.



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