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MUT MECCANICA TOVO on track with Fantic Racing Moto2 also in 2024

MUT MECCANICA TOVO Celebrates 50 Years of Success and Renews Sponsorship Agreement with FANTIC RACING for the 2024 Moto2 World Championship. 

For fifty years, MUT has exemplified excellence in the design and production of valves and systems for HVAC.

The unwavering commitment has always been to maintain a superior level of quality and to ensure high- performance products, all made in Italy.

“We firmly believe that unity is the key to success and that good teamwork, carried out with passion and dedication, can lead to extraordinary results. We share these principles with the Fantic Moto2 team, and we are proud to continue offering our support as a sponsor for 2024. The philosophy we share, which integrates technological development, elite materials and teamwork, allows us to achieve important goals both in the thermotechnical sector and in the World Championship,” Andrea Tovo affirms. 

Fantic’s successes in Moto2 have benefited from the support of Mut, who brings energy and a winning mentality matured in over fifty years of activity. Together, we aim higher and higher, turning every challenge into an opportunity to excel.

Roberto Locatelli - Fantic Racing Moto2 Team Manager:

“MUT Meccanica Tovo and Fantic share not only ambitious goals, but also an intense passion for excellence. To convey this passion, we at Fantic attended with great enthusiasm the event organized by MUT, with over 600 students from technical schools, to deliver some scholarships to the most deserving students, thus celebrating the true team spirit.  This event not only stimulated the motivation of the young people present, but also gave us the opportunity to share with them our daily commitment in the competitions of the World Championship, where excellence is essential. Like MUT, we at Team Fantic Racing Moto2 aspire to be symbols of quality and determination not only in Italy, but all over the world. Every Sunday we test ourselves on the tracks, challenging the best and aiming for victory with integrity and respect for opponents.”


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