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Fantic Racing MX 2023 Team unveiled

Fantic Motor's official motocross team this year will debut in the MX2 World Championship and defend the title in EMX125. The line-up has four new riders. For the fourth consecutive year, the team will be guided by Marco and Corrado Maddii.


Santa Maria di Sala, February 16th, 2023


Fantic Motor is ready for another motocross season with many new features, starting with its debut in the MX2 class. However, the philosophy of the Fantic Racing MX team remains the same, oriented to the growth of young riders in the European 125 and 250. 

For the fourth consecutive year, the sports management is entrusted to the experience of Marco and Corrado Maddii.

A young and highly motivated team is born from the collaboration of two prestigious realities of motocross, looking forward to the 2023 season to prove its worth. 

These are the names of the Fantic Racing MX team riders:

Tom Guyon | MX2 | Fantic XXF 250 | #27

Hakon Osterhagen | MX2/EMX250 | Fantic XXF 250 | #312

Cas Valk | EMX250 | Fantic XX 250 | #172

Alexis Fueri | EMX250 | Fantic XX 250 | #717

Maximilian Werner | EMX125 | Fantic XX 125 | #494

Elias Escandell | EMX125 | Fantic XX 125 | #6

Lynn Valk | WMX | Fantic XXF 250 | #172

After a good year in his world championship debut, Tom Guyon is called upon to fill the role of standard bearer for the Fantic Racing team, leading the Veneto-based manufacturer to make its MX2 world championship debut, riding the four-stroke XXF 250. 

From 125, Cas Valk and Alexis Fueri are both promoted to the European EMX250. Last year, the Dutchman bagged the European championship title in the EMX125 class and the Rookies Cup and Internazionali d'Italia, while the Spaniard ended the season 7 points off the podium, proving to be very competitive. 

Also completing the quarter-liter lineup will be Hakon Osterhagen. The Norwegian, vice European champion in EMX 2T, is back from injury in December and is scheduled to return to the track in the spring. For him, some races in the MX2 world championship are also planned.

The two new Fantic Racing team riders, Elías Escandell and Maximilian Werner will have to defend the title in EMX125. An important legacy that Fantic entrusts to two young promises of continental motocross. 

Lynn Valk, sister of Cas, completes the Fantic Racing MX team by settling in the court of the Maddii family. A 2022 world vice-champion in WMX by a handful of points, she will try to move to the top of the podium this year.

Fantic has always worked on the growth of young riders of the future: that's why the team will also be joined by Niccolò Mannini, a 14-year-old rider from Tuscany who will defend the colors of Fantic Racing MX in the Rookies Cup, riding the XX 125.

As the Argentine GP approaches the first round of the MX2 world championship scheduled for March 11 and 12, Fantic Racing MX has already put the pieces in place for an official race. The team's young riders made their mark on Sunday, Feb. 12, at the first round of the Internazionali d'Italia in Ponte a Egola (PI). Escandell, who returned to competition after eight months due to a lengthy injury, finished second overall in the 125 class with an excellent performance. In MX2, where many of the expected protagonists of the world championship were present, Guyon, Valk, and Fueri showed no reverential fear, racing two heats of great character.

Tom Guyon: "I am happy to ride with the official Fantic Racing MX team. Being chosen as the MX2 World Championship rider makes me very proud, and I want to return the trust in me."

Hakon Osterhagen: "I want to get back on my Fantic XXF 250 as soon as possible. It's hard to see my teammates racing. However, the injury is not stopping my desire to race. On the contrary, it is strengthening it day by day."

Cas Valk: "I am excited about the transition from 125 to 250, and I thank Fantic for the trust. Last year was good. To repeat, in a new class and with a new bike like the XX 250 will not be a joke, but I still have to try."

Alexis Fueri: "Last year's performance was positive. It's going to be a fascinating season. The winter tests were useful for me to get used to the new bike and to find out what I could afford to do. So at the moment, the feelings are good." 

Maximillian Werner: "I want to prove that I deserve the trust that Fantic and Marco wanted to give me. For me, the XX 125 is a new bike; during winter tests, I worked to get to know it and find the right set-up for me. The first races that open the season are close. I want to be ready before diving into the European 125 championship."

Elias Escandell: "These months away from racing have been difficult. During the tests, we worked well, I was comfortable riding the Fantic XX 125, and I am satisfied with our work. 

I am proud to be part of the official Fantic team, which called me to defend the title in EMX125. I can't wait to get back on the racetrack!"

Lynn Valk: "I would like to thank Fantic for the chance they gave me-I am happy to be part of this team and to experience an official team also together with my brother Cas. During these months, I have been able to get familiar with the new bike, the XXF 250. Last year the world championship got away from me by eight points, and I want to take my revenge this year."

Marco Maddii, team manager of the Fantic Racing MX team: "I am happy to have consolidated the collaboration with such a prestigious brand, a piece of motorcycling history. We have grown while remaining a young team and achieved some important results. The riders want to prove their talent; their motivation charges me a lot. I can't wait for the 2023 season to begin."


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