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The Fantic Racing Enduro Teams ready for the EGP 2023

Arma di Taggia is the theatre of the World Enduro GP first round. The two enduro teams, Fantic Racing and JET Fantic Racing are looking forward to an exciting new season to live as protagonists.


Arma di Taggia (IM), March 30th, 2023


The 2023 Enduro GP world championship starts this weekend in Arma di Taggia, in the province of Imperia.

A race weekend that is divided into four tests that will test the skills of the fastest riders in the world with treaded tires

The Super and Enduro are scheduled on the mountains that frame a typical Italian terrain, while the Cross and Extreme will be run on the beach.

Fantic Racing teams' riders are highly anticipated after the good results in the first two rounds of the Assoluti d'Italia, where they cleared the winter dust with brilliant performances. 

Proving that Fantic Racing focuses on the discovery and growth of young riders; four of them ride in the Junior class and two in the Youth class.

Simone Albergoni's Fantic Racing Enduro team in the E3 class can count on Lorenzo Macoritto, who has fully recovered from surgery on his right hand, as he showed by climbing the podium in the Andora and Grado stages of the Italian Enduro Championship. With his Fantic XE 300, the rider from Friuli will ride in a very competitive class.

Albin Norrbin, also with the Fantic XE 300 but engaged in J2, has recovered from a knee injury in the first stage Italian Championship. As a result, the Swedish rider precautionarily skipped the Grado round and, in the meantime, has been at it with training to get himself in shape for the start of EGP. 

In the Youth class, Kevin Cristino riding the Fantic XE 125 #34, has all the bright lights shining on him after a 4/4 victory at the Assoluti d'Italia but, more importantly, as the reigning world vice-champion. His goal is to put on his back the delusion of last year by standing on the podium's top step.

Along with him is teammate Valentino Corsi. He is the youngest rider on Albergoni's team, yet to be 18 years old. He joined the Fantic Racing team after a good performance in 2022 and has shown progressive improvements in the first races of this year.

The Fantic XEF 250 #50 will have to wait again before racing in the 2023 enduro world championship because it will miss its rider, Gianluca Facchetti. Expected to make his world debut after an early part of his career spent with motocross tires, the rider from Brescia will be forced to give up following surgery to reduce a fracture in his right wrist, suffered two weeks ago at the Italian Championships in Grado. As a result, his debut in EGP 2023 is postponed until the Spanish GP. In the meantime, he can increase his already good supply of grit.

Alongside Simone Albergoni, there will still be Davide Guarneri, who will give his 110% contribution not as a rider but in a double role. After over 20 years of international racing, Davide will pass on all his experience to Fantic Motor technicians as a tester and Fantic Racing team riders as a coach.

Franco Mayr's JET Fantic Racing Team comes to the start of the EGP World Championship with two world champions, but only one will defend the title won last year.

Harry Edmondson, in fact, after winning the 2022 world championship in the Youth class at the end of a thrilling challenge with Kevin Cristino, has been promoted to J1. For the Englishman, it is also a new experience riding a new bike, the Fantic XEF 250, which he learned over the winter and in the initial four races of the Assoluti d'Italia.

On the other hand, Jane Daniels is the world title defender in the Women's class, dominating the 2022 championship by winning all eight races. As a result, the Machester rider will start as the favorite this year. Still, it will be challenging to repeat herself, partly because she has had a complicated winter and has to delay her preparation.

Jed Etchells is happy about his XEF 250. He had good feelings during his last training ride, and after two years, he found the perfect connection with his bike. The competition will be a stimulus for him.

Simone Albergoni (Fantic Racing team manager)"We are ready to start this new adventure. We have some good tests ahead of us in Liguria, but we are confident. Lorenzo has recovered from hand surgery, and we hope he can shine. There are many expectations around Kevin, and I think he will not betray them. Valentino continues his apprenticeship after a good start to the season. Albin is doing well after his knee injury, and I expect a good result after last season's crescendo finish. I am very sorry for Gianluca. However, he must be patient for a few more weeks before making his world championship debut."

Franco Mayr (JET Fantic Racing team manager)"I am happy to start the fourth year of the world championship with Fantic Racing. The guys have been training hard this winter. Harry will have to discount his debut in the J2 class on a new bike, so I expect him to improve during the season. Jane is expected to have very competitive rivals, but she is strong and concentrated and will face them with the needed respect and no fear. Jed is very ambitious; he wants to bring Fantic a title and will try hard."


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