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The first Victory of a 250 2-stroke!

The second round of the International Motocross "Eicma Series" took place on the Alghero circuit, a truly unique track of its kind, with ups and downs, a sandy bottom and a splendid view of the sea.

Nicholas Lapucci was the unchallenged protagonist, and he brings Fantic to the top of the Internazionali d'Italia in the MX2 class for the first time. Just as unprecedented is the fact that it is a 2-stroke bike to do so, now Nicholas is in command of the general ranking.

The Fantic Factory Maddii Team also dominates the 125 class with Hakon Osterhagen, consolidating his championship leadership.


Marco Maddii has stated: "We are very happy, two red plates in the second round are a result beyond our expectations. However this is the result of a great team effort, we will be in Mantua with Osterhagen and Lapucci in the lead and albeit without pressure, we will try to maintain the leadership until the end. This has been a historic day for Fantic and also for our workgroup."


Lined up in the 125-class on the Fantic XX 125 2021 are Hakon Osterhagen and Matteo Russi.

Osterhagen, still in the "Pole position Newfren", completed race 1 with an amazing second place, despite a problem with the front brake .

Russi made a decent start, placing him eleventh,but after a mistake hefinished nineteenth.Race 2 went better, he finished thirteenth.

Osterhagen started in the lead and won the second race, winning the overall of the day and the provisional championship ranking.


After qualifying in the MX2 class, Lapucci got the first exciting “Pole position Newfren” riding his Fantic XX 250 2021! Maximilian Spies also did well. In the race, Nicholas started just behind Federico Tuani and in the course of a few laps he took the lead, increasing his advantage on the other riders. He was the fastest in the race and managed to keep his pace and focus up to the chequered flag, jumping right to the top of the MX2 championship!

Federico Tuani was also impressive:he started in the lead and kept the second position for a few laps, giving his opponents very little space in the initial stages.

Tuani rode well; during the race he only lost a few positions and ended up in the eighth position, obtaining his best result.

Starting beyond the top 20, Maximilian Spies had a difficult start, but he managed to give a lot of emotions regardless, grinding several positions lap after lap, and finishing in tenth place.


In the MX1 class, we got Pietro Salina lined up, who finished in  fifteenth position.


Nicholas Lapucci, Federico Tuani, Maximilian Spies and Pietro Salina managed to enter the Supercampione once again.

At the starting line, Lapucci was victim of a fall resulting from a race contact, after a few seconds Nicholas managed to free his bike and begin his climb.

Maximilian Spies started very well in twelfth position, climbing up the ranking during the race to reach the ninth position yet concluding with a comforting fourteenth place

Lapucci was impressive once again: starting last , he achieved thethirteenth place.Tuani got the twenty-seventh place, while Salina did not go beyond the thirty-third place.



Race 1 – 125 

1. Luca Lata KTM – 2.Hakon Osterhagen (Fantic) – 3.Luca Ruffini (KTM) – 19.Matteo Russi (Fantic) 


Race 2 – 125 

1.Hakon Osterhagen (Fantic) – 2.Rossi Andrea (KTM) – 3. Nicola Salvini (Husqvarna) – 13. Matteo Russi (Fantic)  


Overall results 125: 

1. Hakon Osterhagen (Fantic) pt.460 – 2. Andrea Rossi (KTM) pt.280 – 3. Nicola Salvini (Husqvarna) pt. 280 – 18. Matteo Russi (Fantic) pt.134


Championship standings 125:

1. Hakon Osterhagen (Fantic) pt.960 – 2. Valerio Lata (KTM) pt.670 – 3.Andrea Rossi (KTM) pt. 620 – 11. Matteo Russi (Fantic) pt.296 


Overall results MX2:

1.Nicholas Lapucci (Fantic) – 2.Andrea Bonacorsi (Yamaha) – 3.Tim Edberg (Yamaha) – 8.Federico Tuani (Fantic) – 10.Maximilian Spies (Fantic)


Championship standings MX2:

1.Nicholas Lapucci (Fantic) pt. 220 - 2.Jago Geerts (Yamaha) pt.175 – 3.Tim EDBERG (Yamaha) pt.160 - 8.Federico Tuani (Fantic) pt.85 – 9.Maximilian Spies (Fantic) pt.81


Championship standings ELITE MX1/MX2  

1.Thomas K. OLSEN (Husqvarna) pt. 220 – 2.Romain Febvre (Kawasaki) pt.220 – 3.Glenn COLDENHOFF (Yamaha) pt.160 – 7.Nicholas LAPUCCI (Fantic) pt.85 – 13. Maximilian Spies (Fantic) pt. 54 – 23.Federico Tuani (Fantic) pt.32 – 35.Pietro Salina (Fantic) pt. 17



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