Our Teams

Fantic Racing MX MX TEAM Fantic Factory Team Maddii is managed by Marco and Corrado Maddii, multi-titled riders and team managers, 5-times World Champion, since 1992 well-known for his great skills in talent scounting and top rider management.
Fantic Racing ENDURO ENDURO TEAM Simone Albergoni manages the team that includes five young riders, confirming Fantic's philosophy of discovering and growing young off-road talents.
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JET Fantic Racing ENDURO TEAM The multi-titled Team, directed by Franco Mayr needs no introduction to the Enduro world. In 2023 it presents itself with three fast and confident riders, including two world champions: Harry Edmonson and Jane Daniels. Beside them, the compatriot Jed Etchells.
Fantic Racing Moto2 MOTO2 TEAM In 2023, Fantic debuts in the MotoGP World Championship in the Moto2 class.
The Fantic Racing Moto2 team's riders are Celestino Vietti and Borja Gomez. They are both young but with different racing careers.


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