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Presented to the Italian and foreign press the entire new Caballero 2021 range, in the evocative and the original setting of the Agrienduro in Tuscany.


Great participation and fun at the first edition of the Caballero Fun Race, by the national and international specialized press. A dynamic and original presentation of the new 500cc Caballero 2021 EU5 range, available in various colours and fittings. An event organised by Fantic, from 6th to 8th April in Casciana Terme (PI), to promote the Caballero myth across the board. To exalt and test the different characteristics of the Caballero were the journalists, engaged in five "special" tests combined with the style, experience and driving emotions of the various Caballero models. Five different tests, one for each model, able to enhance the characteristics of the bike. The final result of the event was excellent, where in addition to the fun there was also a healthy spirit of competition. The trials were scored and each participant chose a nickname and obtained a score for each race until the final classification of the event was obtained, which saw the awarding of the national and international titles of the 1st Caballero Fun Race.

Here are the races: for the Caballero Rally there was a navigation trial, for the Deluxe you had to reach a village and take a nice picture for a mini photo contest. The Caballero Anniversary took part in a timed dry lap, while the Scrambler had to reach a hill and answer a quiz on the history of the Caballero. The final challenge was reserved for the Flat, where there was no lack of excitement.

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