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Cristino dominates the last 2023 Assoluti d'Italia round

The 2023 Italian Champion does not give room to his opponents, winning most of the tests. Macoritto finishes his Italian Championship with a podium. After five months, good returns to the races for Gianluca Facchetti.


Darfo Boario Terme, September 10, 2023


On Saturday, 9, and Sunday, September 10, Darfo Boario Terme hosted the ninth and tenth rounds of the Assoluti d'Italia di Enduro, the final act of the 2023 season.

The Motoclub Sebino, assisted by Track Inspector Mario Rinaldi, designed an unusual race course compared to the classic enduro races, with five technical and treacherous special tests with a transfer on asphalt, to be repeated five times on Saturday and four times on Sunday for a total of forty-five special tests.

The weekend started in the late afternoon of Friday, September 8, with the Prologue held on the same track as the Extreme Test 1 and valid as a test for the following day of the race.

The course included the special Enduro Test 1 in the classic "Valli Bergamaschi" style, very technical and on an earthy bottom mixed with stones for a total length of 5 km. Then, the 1.5 km length Extreme Test 1 on asphalt with artificial passages, followed by the Cross Test 1, a mostly flat stretch on a sandy and dusty bottom for a total length of 3 km.

To close the route, the riders had to measure themselves with the fourth and fifth special tests scheduled: the Cross Test 2 on the hard ground of the Darfo's motocross track for a total distance of 2 km, and the 1.5 km length Extreme Test 2, the last one, an extreme natural interspersed with some artificial passages.

Kevin Cristino, the 2023 Italian Champion, who won the national title in the previous round in Vado, also dominated this weekend, winning both days of races, riding his Fantic XE 125. The rider from Piemonte showed all his great talent, winning most of the weekend tests and going close to winning some of them. On Saturday, he got two overall third places in the Cross Test 2 and Extreme Test 7; on Sunday, he finished second in the Extreme Test 3.

Unlucky Valentino Corsi's performance. Indeed, on Saturday, he crashed badly on the ground while riding the fourth passage in the Enduro Test, scoring three stitches that did not prevent him from finishing the day's racing. Despite the pain, he rode a good race on Sunday, picking up a creditable fourth place in his class.

Lorenzo Macoritto took an excellent second place in the 300 2-stroke class. The Friulan, riding the Fantic XE 300, ended the Championship in third place in the class standings.

Gianluca Facchetti returned to races after long stops due to injury. The former motocross rider closed his weekend and his 2023 Assoluti season with two eighth places, showing his potential riding the Fantic XEF 250.

In the Foreigners class, Albin Norrbin took two fifth places.

The team Fantic Racing Enduro was a protagonist of the 2023 Assoluti d'Italia Enduro Championship with a national title and a class podium. Now is the time to head to the final part of the World Enduro Championship in Portugal, with two decisive races at the end of September and the beginning of October.  

Kevin Cristino: "A perfect season, ten victories out of ten, and the title won with two races in advance. I just missed a special test win, but I came very close. That would be fantastic! We must prepare for the last EnduroGP World Championship races in Portugal, where we have an important mission to accomplish."

Lorenzo Macoritto: "We ended this season with an excellent second- and third-place finish in the 300 class. I'm looking forward to riding in Portugal. We will do our best to finish the Enduro World Championship."

Valentino Corsi: "It was a demanding race with forty-five special tests and a tough enduro test. On Saturday, I injured my arm and got three stitches. It was a pity, but I didn't give up and gave all I could give."

Gianluca Facchetti: "I am happy to be returned to racing after several months of stopping. I just had to get back into the rhythm this weekend, and so it was. Let's focus on the final races of the Enduro World Championship in Portugal."


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