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Fantic New Roads: Fantic takes new roads with lots of innovations at Eicma 2023


World preview of Fantic Stealth 125, the first Naked model of the Italian company and of the Fantic Imola Concept, a racing-inspired sport prototype.

The enduro 300 2T is now on the market, as well as the XEF 310 4T.
Following the launch of the 700, the Caballero 125 and 500cc ranges have been completely renovated.

The full electric Motard-EV prototype is now unveiled.


Sala Martini - Eicma, Milan - 6 November 2023


Today’s world premiere - Fantic New Roads - opens the Eicma week for the Italian company. Fantic once again proves its great ability to innovate while engaging new paths in a consistent effort to thrill and touch the hearts of its fans. In 2015, Fantic product range consisted exclusively of small-displacement Enduros and Motards, whereas today it is among the more complete ranges on the international 2-wheel scenario.

The new track this time is not offroad. Asphalt is the new element.

At the start of this season, we witnessed the official entry of Fantic Racing into the Moto2 World Championship, which enabled the conquest of the first pole position and the first historic victory. Fantic entry in the street bike market is but a natural evolution.

Let us introduce Stealth 125, Fantic's first Naked bike which will be launched on the market in mid 2024. At Eicma will be joined by the prototype of a sporty sibling, with the legendary and evocative name of Fantic Imola Concept.



Fantic's stated objective is not just to develop one motorcycle, but a complete range. The 125 model will be followed in the near future by a version dedicated to young people possessing an A2 driving license. Thanks to this effort, Fantic will be the only company to design and produce an A2 category vehicle in Italy.

Fantic Stealth 125 is the first of this series of models dedicated to the road. The engine is the highly tested Minarelli 125cc 4-stroke with electronic injection, a Variable Valve Actuation system and slipper clutch. The technical package introduces new solutions for the 125 class directly inspired by the racing world.

The great effort to centralize the masses was fundamental in creating fun and pleasure; the tank is positioned as close as possible to the center of gravity, leaving space at the front for the airbox to exploit better air flow. For the same reasons, the exhaust system is divided into two groups, with a high and light silencer, while the heavier expansion chamber body is housed in the lowest part of the bike.

For the first time on a 125cc, we have a Alu-steel hybrid frame combined with an aluminum swing-arm. The combination of the aluminum plate with a steel trellis is a fundamental component for achieving balance between the stiffness of the various elements of the chassis.

Lightness in these segments where the power is limited by law becomes an even more important element. Fantic has worked hard on weight containment, but above all on reducing unsprung masses. The rims are characterized by their reduced weight and top-category moment of inertia, the swing-arm is die-cast to optimize thicknesses.

The bike is equipped with a 5-inch TFT display with Bluetooth, full LED headlights and the possibility of having ABS cornering and traction control. The aesthetics are also racing-inspired, with great harmony of the typical Italian design shapes. The Stealth 125 framework is modeled around the rider to enhance the pleasure and control of sporty riding.


These same concepts are taken to extremes in the "Imola" concept model, a pure sports item without compromises, which also inspired the Stealth 125 itself. The Imola Concept was created for the track and anticipates the 'new roads' that will soon be followed by other models in the range.




The Caballero family, reconfirmed as an icon for generations of riders, has renovated itself and changed its look, without losing its personality. Caballero remains in fact a unique model of its kind as a real Scrambler, characterized by unrivaled lightness (the 500cc weighs 150kg, -20 less than the lightest competitor) and capable of taking on different moods and shapes thanks to the versions best suited for off-road (Rally) or urban (Deluxe) or adventure (Explorer) riding.

The new range is completely renovated starting from the style with new headlights, turn indicators, rear fender with integrated license plate holder as compared to the previous version. Fantic style department achieved the in-house design of all the new components of the optical group starting from the extremely bright 24 LED position light and the round, full LED rear light.

The evolution of the electronic components involves a new 3.5" premium LCD dashboard with a much richer user interface with an additional gear, fuel level and temperature indicator. It is also equipped with a Bluetooth interface for calls and audio. New handlebar switches allow ABS disabling through the 'All Terrain' ride mode.

The engine features a performance upgrade guaranteed by increased flywheel masses and the update of the new mapping which further optimizes the linearity of power delivery.

The chassis part instead entails the introduction of a new shell-cast aluminum swing-arm. Inspired by the 700, it improves both stiffness and off-road performance, also reducing the weight by 2kg compared to the steel version. All the 2023 versions and colors are confirmed, with the addition, in the Scrambler model, of the historic Blue version, already seen on the Caballero 700. A range that is completely renewed, but whose prices remain unchanged in all its versions.

The entire Caballero range will also be equipped with the new app for iOS and Android - Fantic Garage - capable of managing functionality, maintenance and navigation of the motorbike.




At its stand in the Eicma 2023 fair, Fantic also presented the Beta version of its Fantic Garage App.

The app allows you to keep an eye on all the main information about your motorbike (autonomy, fuel level, km to the next servicing, date of inspection), consult the use and maintenance booklet and save the documents digitally (booklet, insurance).

The integrated navigator allows you to plan and record your trips, to recount them in a travel diary.

The phone screen also becomes a virtual instrumentation.

Fantic Garage will be available next year for the Caballero range, the 125 motard enduro and Issimo City L1 L3.




The long awaited XE300 2T powered by the new powerful Minarelli Euro5, with injection and electric start, has been launched on the market.

A bike that ensures victories, but which has already won with its new version ridden perfectly by the young Swedish rider Albin Norrbin, all out to win the Enduro Junior2 world title in this magical 2023 for Fantic's enduro (5 World titles). The first version of the bike was developed with the brilliant contribution of Davide Guarneri in 2022, a year in which however he had to retire as dominator of the E3 class due to a serious injury. Today, the XE300 is finally ready in the standard version, and will already be on the market by the end of 2023. A motorbike dedicated to uncompromising performance thanks to the best-performing 300cc engine on the market and a revolutionary cooling system. The first engine in Fantic's Racing range was developed, tested and produced in Italy by Motori Minarelli, the latter acquired by Fantic in 2020 from Yamaha Motor Europe. A compact, technological and extremely high-performing engine, which guarantees great power, but a regular and full torque curve at all speeds.

The technology stored inside this jewel guarantees its brilliant performance, first and foremost due to a double injector electronic injection system which ensures excellent regularity of operation and E5 Plus compliance. The exhaust valve is electronic, allowing a full and vigorous torque curve at every speed. The electric starter designed by Minarelli ensures immediate starts in all conditions. Finally, the hydraulic clutch ensures precision and minimal effort on the lever. The cycling sector is top class and differs from all the competitors on the market. It is the only 300 2T that has been developed around a fine aluminum frame with a semi-dual cradle which ensures the best possible rigidity/lightness ratio. Like the other siblings in the enduro range, it confirms the Kayaba suspension with 48mm SSS fork, for years a point of reference in the off-road world. It is thus an extremely agile motorbike, with unrivaled handling qualities in its category.

The explosiveness of the 2-stroke is also managed by the first-rate electronic component, primarily the multilevel traction control, perfect for tackling different conditions and a cutting-edge double handlebar mapping switch. Great functionality is also guaranteed from a maintenance point of view with direct access to the air filter. Last but not least, is the ergonomic aspect studied by the Fantic test team, which boasts minimal dimensions and maximum centralization of masses. The oil and petrol tank are integrated, the conveyors are narrow and ergonomic; the rear axle has been completely redesigned compared to Fantic's other 2-stroke offroad models, ensuring room for many more components, but maintaining the same overall dimensions.

Deep study was also reserved for the handlebar positions of the switches and buttons, allowing great functionality, with reduced spaces and minimal design. Configuration LEDs, multilevel Traction control setting and double map switch are positioned on the left, with only the classic kill switch on the right.

In direct markets, the retail price including VAT is €10.390.




There are unending novelties in Fantic's enduro panorama. The XEF310 makes its debut, a 4T model which is positioned in an intermediate position between 250 and 450 and boasts a perfect balance between the best characteristics of these models. In fact, the extreme agility, user-friendliness and consequent fun driving of the 250 4T is guaranteed, but with a power output and powerful torque that is close to its bigger 450 sibling. Many hours were dedicated to the pursuit of the best balance between performance and user-friendliness even for amateurs.

This translated into a compression ratio (12.8), not too high, but much more suitable for the large 360 enduro. The character of the engine can also be customized by choosing one of the 3 dedicated maps (hard/soft/standard), which can be selected directly with the new map switches on the handlebars that also govern the traction control on 9 levels. WIFI COM is also standard, thus creating a complete electronic package to custom-fit the bike. Like its 250 and 450 siblings, it boasts an aluminum perimeter frame and Kayaba SSS suspension with dedicated setting, 270mm brake discs on the front and 245mm on the rear.

In direct markets, the retail price including VAT is €10.790.




After the launch in September of the "Black Edition" in a limited edition for pilots, and which includes a dedicated racing kit, the White Edition of Fantic's MY24 Offroad is now here. The new MX and Enduro range features the models presented in the Black version, with a new aesthetic coat with the addition of the enduro. XE300 and XEF310 models presented above. Fantic therefore offers one of the widest ranges in the professional Offroad panorama with 4 cross models (XX125 2T, XX250 2T, XXF250 4T, XXF450 4T) and 5 in Enduro (XE125 2T, XE300 2T, XEF250 4T, XEF310 4T, XEF450 4T).




Fantic has been in the dreams of very young motorcyclists for years, in particular with the Fantic Motard 50 2T, which features the only E5 engine on the market. At the Eicma Fantic fair it presented the Motard-EV, a L1 motard prototype with full electric propulsion, which demonstrates that ALSO an electric future is possible but is above all, fun and exciting. This concept aims to break down prejudices and demonstrate to young people that one can make new choices that go against the current. A motorbike designed for excitement and fun, maintaining the great agility of the Fantic Motards (weighing 95kg) and with the great torque of the electric motor still offering new riding pleasures. Autonomy range exceeding 130km.




Both the bikes that climbed to the top of the world in the 2023 season with the Fantic Racing teams and the models that will be involved in the 2024 season find a place of honor on the Fantic stand.

The first of these to start the engine will be the Fantic XEF 450 Rally Factory: from January 5th it will leave from the thousand-year-old city of Al-'Ula to face the 2024 Dakar with the official drivers Tommaso Montanari, Jane Daniels and Jeremy Miroir.

All eyes on the XXF450 which presents itself with Glen Coldenhoff, the next protagonist of the MXGP world championship.

The bikes that won the EnduroGP World Championship are celebrating a season worth remembering. The Fantic XE 125 brought Kevin Cristino success in the Youth class, the undisputed protagonist with 6 victories out of 7 GPs. Limelight for the XEF 250: the Fantic four-strokes climbed to the top step of the podium in the Junior and Junior 1 classes with Jed Etchells and Jane Daniels, who together won 18 races out of 22.


Fantic is not just offroad: in fact, with its debut in the MotoGP in the Moto2 class, it is the only Italian manufacturer involved in four specialties. At EICMA 2023, also Celestino Vietti's bike no. 13 will be on the catwalk, having obtained 2 pole positions in the first year, in the GP of the Americas and in the GP of San Marino and a historic victory in the GP of Austria.


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