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Fantic and Salvini, great start at the Italian Motorally Championship 2023

The former World Enduro Champion won the Absolute on the first day and came close to victory on Sunday. Tiziano Internò and Cesare Zacchetti protagonists with the XEF Rally.


Riotorto (LI), April 2nd, 2023


Fantastic start for the Italian Raid TT and Motorally 2023 Italian Championships in Riotorto, in the province of Livorno, thanks to the direction of Moto Club Follonica, in collaboration with Moto Club Pomarance and the Sara Lenzi Pilota Association.

On Friday, the riders from the Raid TT Championship were the absolute protagonists. At the same time, over the next two days, on Saturday and Sunday, they were joined by their colleagues from the Motorally Championship for a total of more than 280 riders at the start.

Immediately in the spotlight, Alex Salvini, former Enduro World Champion, carried Fantic colors riding the Fantic XEF 450 at his debut in the specialty. This perfect race led him to win the Absolute on the first day on Friday.

The riders riding the XEF Rally bikes also did very well. In the RT4 class, in addition to Tiziano Internò, five other Italian riders, veterans of the last Dakar, lined up at the start riding Fantic XEF 450 Rally, namely Cesare Zacchetti, Iader Giraldi, Ottavio Missoni, Francesco Catanese, and Gianni Stigliano. Tiziano Internò and Cesare Zacchetti finished second and third, behind winner Giovanni Gritti.

On the second day, Alex Salvini was slowed down by a technical problem with the road book that prevented him from repeating the first day's performance. Still, there was no lack of satisfaction for Fantic with Tiziano Internò's second place in the Marathon class.

On the third day, another good performance by Alex Salvini; however, despite riding and navigating very well, he was penalized for exceeding the limit in a section with controlled speed. Without the penalty, the former world enduro champion could have repeated the overall victory of the first day. Confirmations for Tiziano Internò and Cesare Zacchetti in RT4, who still finished second and third.

Alex Salvini: "More than positive results and beyond my expectations for my debut in Motorally. It had been a month since I rode the bike due to physical problems, and I had not seen a road book since the Dakar. The victory on the first day was beautiful and unexpected because of that. Too bad about the second day with the road book problems that slowed me down. On the third day, I could have won, but I took a penalty for speeding. However, I like the high championship level and look forward to the next race."


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