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Fantic is gearing up for a prosperous future in Moto2

Santa Maria di Sala (Venice), September 28, 2023


Fantic is getting ready for a successful future in Moto2.

Participation in the Moto2 World Championship requires a high level of organization and specialization, and Fantic decided to deal with it by itself. That is why Stefano Bedon will expand his responsibilities in the Road Racing project, coordinating all the relative activities, while his previous role as Team Manager will be assumed by Roberto Locatelli.

Roberto Locatelli was a talented off-road racer and moved then to the road racing career, becoming the 125cc Class World Champion in 2000. 

Later, he joined the VR46 Riders Academy of Valentino Rossi as Coach, where he helped the riders by giving them constant support during their career successes in MotoGP.

Roberto Locatelli: "I took the opportunity given to me by Fantic because, since I was a child, I have experienced the Fantic motorbikes in off-road racing. Having the chance to personally contribute to a new successful story makes me happy and proud".

Stefano Bedon: "With 21 races in 9 months + testing, a team has to be well structured, and you need to work at home and on track at the same time. With Roberto by my side, I can follow the strategic part of setting up the team. That is what I have always done. Now, I will be able to do it even better and more relaxed because I know there will be an expert person on track managing the structure, especially on a technical level. Roberto will be our frontman. I will be the 'back end' man. In this way, we will be stronger".

Mariano Roman, Fantic Motor CEO: "I knew Roberto's professionalism and emotional charge during my previous work experiences, but having seen him at work as a Coach supporting the Fantic Moto2 team makes me even more convinced of the good choice made to have him fully on board with the role of Team Manager".



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