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FANTIC ISSIMO 45: the next generation moped

Fantic presents the new ISSIMO 45, S-Pedelec model

to further expand the range dedicated to e-Mobility

Santa Maria di Sala (VE), 26th July 2022

ISSIMO 45 is Fantic’s spectacular innovation dedicated to the e-Mobility market, in which the Veneto-based company has distinguished itself by the quality and originality of its offerings. ISSIMO 45 is the new addition to the ISSIMO family that has revolutionised the concept of sustainable mobility and is now ready to make its debut. This is the first S-Pedelec model on the market with a throttle, able to operate with just the throttle, with just the pedals – which may or may not have assistance from the motor – or by combining the accelerator and pedal-assist.

Synonymous with safety and stability on any terrain thanks to its wheels with 20x4-inch Fat tyres and low centre of gravity, the new ISSIMO 45 is the S-Pedelec version of the ISSIMO. It is fitted with a 500W Bafang M600 motor with a maximum torque of 120 Nm and a 600Wh battery, type-approved lights and number plate holder, as well as a storage compartment as standard. The transmission is continuous, with the ENVIOLO Heavy Duty integrated in the rear wheel hub. As a commuting bike, the ISSIMO 45 represents a new opportunity for getting about the city in complete freedom and with respect for sustainable mobility. The international-award-winning design can even be customised according to one’s own style and needs with colourful covers and accessories.

The ISSIMO 45 has been designed by Fantic and is assembled in the factories of Motori Minarelli, now part of the Fantic Group, in the new V4 production line dedicated to the production of green vehicles with electric propulsion.

In Italy, the ISSIMO 45 can be ridden from the age of 14 years whereby in possession of an “AM” motorcycle licence or by drivers with a regular “B” driving licence. Guaranteed are excellent performance and an autonomy of 50 kilometres with a standard battery or 100 kilometres with a second integrated battery available as an accessory. Environmental friendliness, the advantage of being able to drive freely in the city without having to worry about increasingly stringent restrictions, combined with the unique style and design are the big pluses of the new ISSIMO.

Select from the four ISSIMO 45 operating modes from the practical display on the handlebar, being:

  • Road – To exploit the maximum speed. A top speed of 40 kilometres/hour can be achieved using only the accelerator (scooter), using pedals with pedal assistance (S-Pedelec) or in a combination of S-Pedelec and throttle.
  • Hill – To exploit maximum torque on the uphills. This is the ideal mode for harnessing the power of the motor on steep slopes at up to 20 kilometres/hour. Here, too, it is possible to use as a scooter with just the throttle or S-Pedelec as a powerful e-Bike, or even to combine the two possibilities.
  • “Zero” mode – Selecting the zero level inhibits all assistance from the motor so the vehicle can be used solely by pedalling. This is ideal when preparing to tackle long downhill stretches or to save on battery consumption.
  • Walk assist – For walking with the vehicle, without having to push it (designed for places where riding is prohibited).

Riding the ISSIMO 45 is simple and intuitive both in S-Pedelec and moped mode by using the throttle lever located next to the right handle and operated with the thumb. Braking is perfectly modulated thanks to the 180-millimetre Radius disc brakes mounted on both the front and rear.

Thanks to its Fat 20x4" wheels and tyres with an enlarged cross-section and low centre of gravity, the new ISSIMO 45 is synonymous with safety and stability for nimbly overcoming city obstacles such as rails, manhole covers and cobblestones.


Designed and developed by Fantic, the special die-cast aluminium frame with intertwined tubes offers the right compromise between safety and style. Robust yet lightweight, it provides both practicality and manoeuvrability. Like nothing else on the market, a pride of Made in Italy. It comes in 3 colours: White, Silver and Black. The fork is shock-absorbed with 80-millimetre stroke to absorb unevenness and bumps in the road.

ISSIMO COVER COLOURS – With ISSIMO 45, you can create your own style thanks to the broad choice of no less than 10 customised covers, available in five transparent (Vivid Lime, Chili Pepper Red, Neon Orange, Island Blue, Violet) and five opaque (Jet Black, Silver, Outdoor Green, Rose Gold, White) colour variants that can be combined with the three frame colours.


The model is embellished with type-approved front and rear lights to face the city with complete peace of mind. As standard, ISSIMO 45 offers a practical rear topbox with an internal compartment volume of around 1.5 litres. This capacity can be increased thanks to the possibility of adding side bags to be mounted on the topbox, as well as a front water bottle holder. All of these water-repellent accessories, made of high-quality materials, are convenient and practical for carrying everything you need from home to the office.

The RRP (VAT included) in the three colours of White, Silver or Black is €3,590.


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