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Fantic Racing enduro teams are ready for the challenge of the Swedish GP

The Fantic Racing riders aim to confirm the triumphant Finnish GP to complete the Scandinavian trip.


Skovde, June 1st, 2023


The Swedish GP is the second consecutive race on Scandinavian soil and the fourth round of the Paulo Duarte FIM EnduroGP World. Just the time to celebrate the victories of the Finnish GP, conquered in five of the six classes where Fantic Racing riders are present (Junior, Junior 1, Junior 2, Youth and Women), that they must regain their concentration under the helmet and in the saddle of their bikes.

If winning is difficult, repeating is even more so. However, the Fantic Racing enduro teams' riders have shown they can handle physical and mental tension and defend themselves well against opponents.

The Fantic Racing team managed by Simone Albergoni, except for the convalescent Gianluca Facchetti, showed up in full force. In the E3 class, Lorenzo Macoritto aims to return to the top 10, demonstrating his need to express his potential fully.

It is the home race for Albin Norrbin with the Fantic XE 300. The Swede has ambitious goals in Junior, where he is now third after the Finnish victory, while in Junior2, after four consecutive wins, he aims to take the solo lead. 

Kevin Cristino dominates the Youth category, winning all six races riding the Fantic XE 125. He is expected to maintain his lead over his competitors. Meanwhile, his teammate Valentino Corsi returns to the saddle after taking a break at Heinola.

Franco Mayr's JET Fantic Racing team, with Fantic XEF 250s, defends the leadership of Jed Etchells and Jane Daniels. 

Jed in Junior has always finished on the podium, with three wins and three second places; in Junior1, he is fresh off the Finnish one-two that allowed him to lengthen in the world standings on direct opponents.

In J1, there is also Harry Edmondson: the reigning Youth world champion, making his debut in the category four days ago, took his first podium showing his continued growth.

Jane is the undisputed leader in the women's world championship and knows her rivals will give her a hard time. However, the Brit has always beaten them and is ready to confirm her dominance in Sweden.

Simone Albergoni (Fantic Racing team manager): "In Sweden, we expect a completely different terrain from Finland, with drier and sometimes sandy conditions. After his first overall win, Albin looks forward to his home race. Kevin is very motivated, as usual, and we hope he can continue his progress. Lorenzo is looking for his race pace. Finally, Valentino returns even though he is not in top condition."

Franco Mayr (JET Fantic Racing team manager): "After the positive Finnish trip, with Jane's one-two, Jed's first and second place that allowed him to increase the lead over his direct pursuer and confirming himself as Junior leader and Harry's first podium in race 1. We are looking forward to a faster race against several Swedish opponents whom the field factor can take advantage of. But Jane and Jed are eager to maintain their leads and Harry to jump again on the podium."


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