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Guarneri and Cristino extraordinary!

Castelli Calepio, 07/06/2021


Castelli Calepio, a small village in the province of Bergamo, just a few kilometres from Lake Iseo, hosted the seventh round of the top Italian championship and Fantic riders were once again the undisputed protagonists. Davide Guarneri (Fantic Factory E/50 Racing) dominated once again the 125 class while Kevin Cristino of the (Fantic D’arpa Racing Team) won the day in the Youth class.

The domination of Fantic riders continues in the Youth and 125 categories at the Assoluti d'Italia Enduro. In Castelli Calepio, on Sunday 6th June, the seventh round of the maximum Italian championship took place in a single day and the Motoclub Laso d'Iseo organized a race with three very challenging and spectacular special tests.

In the 125 class the former motocross rider Davide Guarneri clearly excelled and won the day's race, dominating right from the first special test. The rider of the Fantic Factory E/50 Racing is the undisputed leader of the 125 class.

Great weekend also for the Fantic riders in the Youth class. Riccardo Fabbris (Fantic JET Racing) is more and more the leader of the class followed by Daniele DelBono (Fantic Factory E/50 Racing) at only four points. In Castelli Calepio Kevin Cristino won the first place followed by Daniele DelBono.

The Assoluti d'Italia Enduro Championship will now take a long break to give space to the EnduroGP with the double round in Portugal in a fortnight and in Italy at the end of June.


DAVIDE GUARNERI: "I am happy to have won in front of so many friends who came to cheer me on”.

RICCARDO FABRIS: "A race to forget but in Fanna, for the last round of the season, I will give my best to win".

DANIELE DELBONO: "Happy with the race here in Castelli Calepio. It will be a hot end of season".

KEVIN CRISTINO: “I’am happy for the victory obtained, made even more exciting by the presence of such a large audience”.



1) Davide Guarneri (Fantic), 140 p. – 2) Giuliano Mancuso (Fantic), 100 p. 

3) Filippo Colarusso (Husqvarna), 85 p.



1) Riccardo Fabris (Fantic), 118 p.– 2) Daniele Delbono (Fantic), 114 p. 3) G. Pasinetti (Beta), 100 p.

4) Kevin Cristino (Fantic), 99 p.



1) W. Ruprecht (TM), 123 p. – B. Freeman (Beta), 110 p. – A. Magain (Sherco), 99 p

16) Jed Etchells (Fantic), 13 p. - 24) Loic Larrieu (Fantic) 2 p. – 26) Harry Edmondson (Fantic), p. 1

30) Luke Murphy (Fantic), p. 0


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