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Here's the new Motocross 2023 range

In the wake of the great success and experience gained in top-level competitions, Fantic extensively renews its entire 2023 Cross 2-stroke range with innovative, high-performance solutions. 

Major upgrades too for the four-stroke XXF250.

Its big sister the XXF450 will be unveiled in the autumn.


Santa Maria di Sala (VE), 19 July 2022

FANTIC FACTORY FEELING - The Fantic range has always been about racing. Motorcycles designed to win every race in every situation, guaranteeing every rider the quality of a factory-built bike, thanks to the continuous sharing of knowledge from the Racing division to standard production. A range that can boast the title of EMX250 European Champion and 125 Junior World Champion Here we reveal the FACTORY FEELING concept 


FANTIC MOTOCROSS 2-STROKE - Having dominated last year's competitions and also confirming their success in this season's national and international Motocross events, the 2023 Fantic MX 2-stroke range is now extensively renewed. 


The rear axle is redesigned with a new airbox with lateral filter access - practical and highly functional with no tools and faster than ever. Accessing the air filter has never been more high-performance, thanks to the lateral access. Following careful flow analysis and trial runs with our official riders, the Fantic engineers chose an optimised sizing of the airbox for maximum performance. It also guarantees minimum impurities, so only fresh air enters the TwinAir filter.  


The rear sidewalls are also completely new, with streamlined unimpeded plastic shells, while the new saddle offers maximum comfort and riding freedom. An innovation that further enhances the ergonomics, developed in collaboration with the Factory Team.


Suspension - the two-stroke XX125 and XX250 boast an utterly superb set-up based on an ultra-precise high-tech semi-double cradle aluminium frame for an optimum rigidity/lightness ratio, made possible by a weight of just 8 kilos. Precision and responsiveness excel in the category, allowing every rider to give their very best in any conditions. What's more, Fantic relies on Kayaba suspension units, a long-standing benchmark in off-road bikes. The Kayaba SSS (Speed Sensitive System) 48mm closed cartridge pressurised forks have 300mm of travel and are fully adjustable for pre-load, extension and compression. Perfect versatility for any level of riding, from beginner to race professional. The mono shock absorber is also Kayaba, with 315mm wheel travel.


Perfect mapping in all conditions - from very hard dirt tracks to treacherous sand, from dry to heavy mud. The Fantic XX125 and XX250 come with two engine mapping settings as standard, accessed from the handlebars. The Soft Mapping delays ignition time, giving gentler delivery, and is recommended for more treacherous terrain, for a bike that's always responsive and manageable, without sacrificing maximum power. The Hard Mapping is pure adrenaline, ideal for courses that offer exceptional grip, allowing the rider to unleash the full power.


FANTIC XX125 MY 2023 – “Pocket rocket”: The perfect symbiosis of power, manoeuvrability and agility. It's no accident that the Fantic XX125 was the champion of the 2021 Junior 125 category and is excelling in this season's 2-stroke competitions. Whether you're a rookie or an expert rider, the 2-stroke roar of our XX125 will lift your heart at the first rev.


Engine - Power and responsiveness are the impressive features of the small but high-performance 125cc 2-stroke engine. In-depth research and exceptionally precise interventions on cylinder, piston and rod make the Fantic XX125 MY 2023 more powerful and enjoyable than ever. The drive comes from a Kehin 38mm carburettor which, thanks to a solenoid-controlled power jet, further enhances performance when it's needed on the track.







The exhaust system stands out for its fantastic chrome-plated expansion chamber, specially designed by the Fantic R&D department. The silencer is 100% race-ready, with an extruded aluminium body that meets FIM requirements in terms of sound testing. The CDI control unit, developed directly by the Fantic racing department, guarantees perfect combustion at every rpm, with electronic management of expected ignition.


FANTIC XX250 MY 2023 - An extraordinary bike that marks the return of the 2-stroke and can bridge the gap with its 4-stroke rivals, winning the EMX250 European Motocross Championship, open to 2 and 4-strokes. The Fantic XX250 is all adrenaline and explosive power, always relying on an exceptional suspension set-up, responsive and manageable in any situation. The ergonomics are all new too, thanks to the new 8-litre tank, which makes the bike even more streamlined.  


Engine - Adrenaline and explosive 2-stroke power. As promised, Fantic Racing fine-tunes the beating heart of the XX250 with a piston from the Maddii Factory team currently dominating the championships. An extremely powerful, yet finely balanced bike.


FANTIC MOTOCROSS 4- STROKE: A distillation of technical and technological solutions to make Fantic riders the best on the track. The XXF 250 and XXF450 share a thrilling package: an engine with inverted front end and a stunning AluFrame for maximum performance, Racing control unit and Fantic e-Package to adapt to any conditions.


Personalised mapping with the WiGET app - the ECU on the control unit can easily be set from your smartphone using the WiGET app, giving you several bikes in one. You can set one of the mappings developed by Fantic Racing or create your own ideal engine set-up to suit the type of terrain and the weather conditions. It's also possible to read the bike's meter, add service notes, get diagnostics and view engine data in real time. Everything's monitored via the screen of your smartphone.


Suspension - the Fantic 4-strokes are a distillation of applied technology, resulting in a superb aluminium frame that's lightweight, agile and precise with moulded, extruded and die-cast sections working in perfect symbiosis, designed to guarantee maximum balance between lightness and rigidity. The very best applied technology to ensure safety and stability in any riding conditions, allowing you to tackle jumps and banking with ease, and displaying great stability even in very fast situations. The Kayaba suspension package uses a SSS (Speed Sensitive System) fork. 


Traction Control and Launch Control as standard – The Fantic 250 XXF is fitted with the Fantic e-Package, which includes GET traction control and launch control as standard. The situation is always under control thanks to the LC-GPA screen located on the mudguard, allowing great handling of departures and viewing of the various levels of traction control available.


Ergonomics - The ergonomics of the XX250F were also developed with the Factory Team, with special slimline plastics, without obstructions and perfectly contoured to give you maximum comfort, freedom and riding position.


FANTIC XXF250 – The queen of the dirt bike tracks - Having tiptoed onto the scene, it immediately impressed, becoming a benchmark bike in the 4-stroke 250 category. The XXF250 is the perfect expression of Factory Feeling - a bike designed to transcend the concept of standard, offering top-of-the-range technical and equipment solutions as standard.


Engine - the XX250F is currently the only 4-stroke 250 with a reversed head, giving direct front aspiration that's short and efficient. This compact engine layout, combined with a backward-sloping cylinder, centralises weight to ensure extreme agility and impressive manoeuvrability. The Arrow exhaust ensures great torque and linear delivery, combined with a boost at high rpm!


The titanium silencer as standard, weighing just 1 kg, is a real plus worthy of a factory bike.


Below the price list to the public (VAT included):


• XX 125 CROSS 2T 8.590,00 €

• XX 250 CROSS 2T 9.490,00 €

• XXF 250 CROSS 4T 9.590,00 €

• XXF 450 CROSS 4T Available soon



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