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MXGP German GP: Max Werner maintains his third place in EMX125

Werner takes part only in race 2 in imperfect physical condition and still gets essential points for the EMX125 standings. In EMX250, Valk shows his progress in his debut season in the category.


Teutschenthal, June 11th, 2023


Just a few days after the GP of Latvia, the Fantic Factory Mx Team got back to track in Teutschenthal for the GP of Germany. 


Max Werner, currently in third place in the Championship standings after the excellent result achieved in Kegums, was affected by tonsillitis and had to undergo antibiotics treatment. The German rider could not get to track for the first racing day.   
Elias Escandell felt comfortable riding on the hard pack ground of the German track and set an excellent second fastest time in his group in the time practice, just a few tenths of a second far from the pole position.

Solid start to Race1 for Elias. After the first corner, the Spanish rider reached the front runners but lost several positions because of a banal slip. Escandell worked his way up with his Fantic XX 125 and qualified in seventh place thanks to a great race pace.

Maximilian Werner did not want to miss the second heat and had to hold on since he was not in perfect shape. The German rider was the author of an incredible race. After the start, he moved to second place with great determination and kept the position for six laps. Unfortunately, his physical conditions did not allow him to keep his race pace, and he took the checkered flag in tenth.
Escandell made a mistake at the start and dropped to the last place. Elias worked his way up to the 18th place.  

Thanks to the points collected, Max Werner is still third in the Championship standings.


During the time practice session at EMX250, Cas Valk and Alexis Fueri showed exceptional skills on their Fantic XX 250 2-stroke bikes, resulting in impressive results. Despite the hard-pack ground of the German track not being favourable for the Dutch rider, Cas managed to secure fourth place, demonstrating significant progress. On the other hand, despite Alexis's efforts, he qualified with the eighth time and could not make it to the top of the standings.

At the start of Race1, the two Fantic riders were placed sixth (Valk) and seventh (Fueri). However, Alexis suffered a crash in the second corner, causing him to fall behind and restart from the 25th position. Despite this challenge, Fueri skillfully advanced through the ranks and secured the 18th position. Meanwhile, Cas faced difficulty due to low blood sugar levels affecting his performance during the seventh lap. As a result, Valk lost a few spots but persevered and managed to finish in tenth place.  

The beginning of Race 2 was impressive for Valk, as he flawlessly manoeuvred his way to the fourth position and successfully maintained it for half of the race. However, a competitor overtook him, causing him to finish in fifth place.
Unfortunately, Alexis Fueri had a difficult race as he crashed during the first half of the session and consequently had to start from the second to last position. Despite this setback, Alexis put forth an impressive effort and ultimately finished 24th place. 


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