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New Enduro range 2023 unveiled

A winning mix of innovative solutions and technology to compete at the highest Enduro level.

Three new models are on the list: the 2-stroke XE125 and 4-stroke XEF250 and XEF450.


Santa Maria di Sala (VE), 21st July 2022

The experience gained and successes at a national and international level are fully reflected in the new Fantic Enduro 2023. This range boasts taking out the top three positions in the 125 cc Junior Motocross World Championship for 2021 and – with Davide Guarneri together with the Italian Team – victory at last year’s Six Days. Three models comprise the Fantic Racing Enduro range: the XE125 two-stroke, thoroughly revamped with a new motor and rear-end axle, and the high-performance XEF250 and XEF450 four-stroke sisters. The entire range will be available through the Fantic sales network as early as September 2022.

FANTIC FACTORY FEELING – Since its very inception, the Fantic range is Racing. No matter the situation or event, the range guarantees every rider the quality of a Factory bike thanks to the continuous transfer of knowledge from the racing division to the standard production. The concept of FACTORY FEELING is unveiled.

FANTIC ENDURO 2-STROKE  XE125  “Enduro in the purest form.” Fantic’s small two-stroke eighth-litre, immediately at the top of its category and consecrated with the conquest of the 125 cc Junior Motocross World Champion title in 2021, has been completely renewed with the aim of rendering it even more competitive.

All-new engine – Power and responsiveness are the surprising qualities of the small yet super-effective new 125 cc 2-stroke engine that gets a complete makeover by drawing on the 2021 Junior Motocross World Champion engine. It obviously retains Euro5 certification, which is very rare amongst small 2-stroke. Thanks to a redesigned cylinder, piston-and-cylinder, connecting rod and a new Keihin PowerJet 38-mm carburettor, the Fantic 125 has never been so robust, smooth and exploitable even at low revs.

The exhaust system features a fantastic chrome-plated expansion, specially designed with the Fantic R&D division. Manufactured by Arrow, it boasts top-quality materials and workmanship. It is also super responsive, giving the XE125 plenty of punch at high revs without losing out on smoothness and progression throughout the entire power band.

Redesigned rear-end axle with a novel airbox featuring lateral filter access – After careful flushing checks and on-track studies with our official riders, Fantic engineers chose an airbox for the XE 125 with sizing optimised for maximum performance at high revs, also guaranteeing resistance to the slightest impurities so that only fresh air reaches the TwinAir filter. The rear side panels are also brand new in slim and unobtrusive plastic, whilst the new seat offers maximum comfort and freedom in riding. A process that further improved the ergonomics, developed in symbiosis with the Factory Team.

Chassis – Fantic’s 125 2-stroke perfectly aligns with a 100%-aluminium frame, for a combination that is almost the only one of its kind on the market. High-tech, lightweight but also extremely sturdy, it provides peak precision and responsiveness, for maximum power in any conditions. The XE125 also boasts a chassis that represents an absolute point of reference thanks to Kayaba suspension, SSS (Speed Sensitive System) fork with 48-mm pressurised closed cartridge, 300-mm stroke and being ultra-adjustable with pre-load, rebound and compression damping. Versatility means adapting to different riding levels, from beginner to racing pro. The mono shock absorber is also Kayaba, with 315-mm wheel travel.

Perfect mapping in all conditions – Special tests are carried out on hard ground, treacherous sand and bush, as well as on dry and even heavy and muddy tracks. The Fantic XE 125 comes standard with two handlebar engine map switches. The Soft Map delays ignition time by softening the flow rate and is suitable for the most treacherous terrain, offering a bike that is always responsive and more manageable, without sacrificing maximum power. The Hard Map is pure adrenaline, ideal for tracks that offer exceptional grip and allow you to unleash the full horsepower.



FANTIC ENDURO 4-STROKE: XEF 250 and XEF450 – For four-stroke enduro enthusiasts, Fantic offers two motorbikes that sum up the best in technology and performance. With the spirit and emotions that only FANTIC FACTORY FEELING can provide. The new Fantic XEF 250 is the ideal synthesis for competing at the highest level in the E1 Class whilst the mighty XEF 450 is designed for the toughest challenges in the premier class, the E2. Both share the same basic platform, with all-new settings, representing the best solution on the racing market.

Chassis – Easy and intuitive, the super-lightweight aluminium frame is comprised of forged, extruded and pressed parts that together give ultimate balance through lightness and rigidity, agility and precision.

Suspension – Fantic’s Enduro 4-stroke suspension ensures super-precise handling, using every millimetre of stroke to filter the terrain and give only what the rider needs. The Kayaba SSS (Speed Sensitive System) fork with 48-mm pressurised closed cartridge and 315-mm stroke is fully adjustable, with pre-load, rebound and compression damping. Versatility so as to adapt to different riding levels, from beginner to racing pro. The mono shock absorber is also Kayaba, with 315-mm wheel travel.

Ergonomics – Fantic Enduro 4-stroke motorbikes are slim, allowing them to be squeezed between the rider’s legs for maximum control. The conveyor is designed to provide ample movement and control of the vehicle at the same time. The 8-litre central tank features a clean, contoured design and ergonomics together with the Factory Enduro Team. Also fundamental was the study into the seat so that it is comfortable and has maximum grip. All this is so as to offer maximum comfort and freedom on the road, be it a Sunday ride or winning a Six Days.

Handguards and engine guards as standard – Fantic XEF250 and XEF450 are equipped as standard with handguards plus a sturdy engine guard so that you can safely tackle bumpy trails and obstacles.

Easy map management with the WiGET app – The dedicated WiGET app offers the opportunity to have several bikes in one. With a simple tap of the smartphone, the ECU of the bike, XEF250 and XEF450 can be set to one of the maps developed by Fantic Racing or you can choose the ideal motor set-up for every type of terrain and any environmental condition. It is also possible to read the bike’s meter, add service notes, get diagnostics and view engine data in real time.

FANTIC XEF 250 – A bike that has amazed everyone since its début, making an important contribution to the success of the victorious Italian National Team at the Six Days of Enduro 2021. The Fantic XEF 250 4-stroke is extremely competitive and reliable. Indeed, it has quickly and rightfully become one of the protagonists of the E1 Class.

Motor – XEF250 boasts an absolutely distinctive solution on the market thanks to its inverted cylinder head for a direct, short and efficient frontal intake line. This compact motor layout, combined with a cylinder inclined backwards in respect of the vertical, centralises the masses to the maximum, ensuring extreme agility and impressive handling. The aluminium Arrow exhaust ensures great torque and linearity of delivery combined with explosiveness at high revs.

FANTIC XEF450 – Balance, power and control. The Fantic XEF450 sets a new benchmark, with the 55+ horsepower at 4-stroke kept in check by 100% Made in Fantic motor management. A bike that redefines the limits of balance between control and exuberance for a powerful 450 cc in the Enduro Masterclass.

Motor – The stunning 450 cc four-stroke best exploits the established features and options, such as the dual camshaft and countershaft. In fact, the inverted head, combined with a cylinder tilted backwards, guarantees extreme agility and impressive handling. The exhaust system is designed to ensure the motor performs at its best. Developed in collaboration with Arrow, the manifold closely hugs the cylinder to centralise weight, whilst the aluminium terminal releases all the power and thrilling sound of a 450.


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