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Fantic enters the rally replica market and writes a new chapter for riders and raid enthusiasts with two models: the XEF RALLY and the XEF RALLY FACTORY, a special “Launch Edition”

produced in a limited edition of 50.


Santa Maria di Sala (Vencie, Italy), 3 October 2022


The New Rally Experience is affordable and available to riders in two new versions created thanks to Fantic Racing’s constant research and development efforts and its participation in the most extreme rally raid competitions, from Dakar to the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge.


XEF RALLY and XEF RALLY FACTORY have been developed by the Fantic Test Team in racing conditions thanks to the experience of Franco Picco who took part in Dakar 2022 and immediately demonstrated the great consistency, speed, and reliability of the bike.


FANTIC XEF RALLY - Everyday's rally feeling.

New Rally Experience means competing at the highest levels but also challenging oneself.

This is why XEF RALLY is a real race bike, ready to take its place on the starting line in Dakar, but it’s also a production bike, E5 approved, for when the goal is not to compete for the best finishing place but to push oneself further at every ride.

The engine is the powerful 450cc single-cylinder, aggressive when needed but manageable in every situation. The frame is the fine double girder made of aluminium that gives great stability thanks to the excellent job done by the Kayaba suspension. The superstructures and enlarged tanks are designed to provide the perfect balance of ergonomics and maximum fuel tank capacity, with 30 litres divided in two tanks: one lateral and one central. Navigation instrumentation is essential when taking part in large raids: fully comprehensive instrument system and plexiglass cover to protect it from air, dust, and stones.

Thanks to the 7” RallyScreen all parameters are always visible and the rider can easily check GPX tracks, digital roadbooks and use any of the navigation apps on the market, either via the touchscreen or the two controls on the handlebar. Thanks to the Android operating system, it’s as easy to manage as a smartphone. Designed to be fully shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof (IP67 certificate), the RallyScreen switches on and off with the bike, but also has an internal battery that allows to programme itineraries remotely and can be carried around when needed.

Lastly, technical features include the enlarged 300mm front brake, essential to stop safely also at the high speeds that riders can reach on the fast African tracks.



Twin sister of the official Fantic motorbikes that race in Dakar and at the Cross-Country World Championships. An exclusive “Launch Edition” bike produced in a limited edition of 50. It features a number of exclusive features.

Race Instrumentation. By default, the Factory version features a strong steel and aluminium structure designed to support a professional roadbook and trip master for orientation in any competition. It also features practical roadbook controls on the handlebar and is preconfigured for an additional tripmaster.




The front-mounted oil radiator, for maximum air flow, and the enlarged oil filter with additional tank allow for the best lubrication in extreme weather conditions. Clamps and hubs completely made from billet and CNC machining developed, with their great rigidity and accuracy guarantee maximum precision and direction. The rear hub has a sprocket support to soften the reactions to the exuberant 450 cc twin cam. To reduce stress during long marathons, the Fantic R&D department has come up with a set up for the hydraulic steering damper. The full titanium exhaust completes the set-up developed in collaboration with Arrow, offering maximum performance and 1.5 kg less. In addition to a significant technical upgrade, Fantic XEF Rally Factory bikes are made with a number tag that makes each one unique. They are offered with a competition kit comprising Fantic Rally Jersey and a professional 144 litre trolley toolbox, to carry all spare parts at every race.



Both Fantic Rally bikes are made at the Motori Minarelli facilities in Bologna and will be available from the end of November 2022. 


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