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Fabbri is 2nd in the FMI E-Mtb Enduro.


2 Championship awards for a single location.

Borno (BS), 19.09.2021

The final round of the Italian Ebike Enduro Championship and the IMF World Cup Ebike Enduro (absolute round) were raced in Borno (BS) on the most difficult track that this race can get, both from a technical point of view and in the worst weather conditions ever to happen.

The rain has fallen during the Saturday night and a strong thunderstorm to the track have made heavy conditions since the first special. 

Our rider Roberto Fabbri was playing for the 2nd overall place in the Italian Ebike Enduro Championship and the opportunity to become for the second consecutive time Word Cup Champion, after winning it in 2020.

Roberto raced in not perfect physical condition due to a problem with his left hand following a bad fall in previous races. 

However, considering this handicap, in the E1 category Roberto Fabbri finished on the final podium in second position for the Italian Ebike Enduro Championship, winning the title as vice-champion and nearly getting the title for 2020.


On the other Race, in the absolute test of the IMF Word Cup Ebike Enduro, Roberto got a 5th place after a long and troubled test.

"Thank you Roberto, for the enthusiasm, performance and determination you have shown across this racing year."     

Fantic would like to thank the OFFROAD Pro Racing organization for the development and cooperation in the FMI ebike championships. 

Watch the video.



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